Sunday, March 12, 2006

Glory Daze

Well, I have finished vending at the East Bay Heritage Quilters Show in Oakland this week. I made major use of my quilt on the cover of Quilting Arts. My booth had hand dyed fat quarters, embellishing yarns and about ten of my quilts which were hanging on the walls, plus other small pieces matted and in the bin, framed or stitched on to cotton duck and stretched on stretcher bars.

One wall had my quilt from the cover hanging, the magazine up on the wall and the two small pieces, the mailboxes and the kelp, pieces on the same wall. Boy did that draw a crowd! I was just glowing in the positive thoughts and comments from everyone. Of course, I told everyone that that quilt on the cover was looking for a new home! Someone bought the kelp piece and hadn't seen the magazine so she was off to find a copy so she would have it to go with the mounted piece.

I must say, it was great fun! Both days! On Saturday, our list mom, Diane came by and said all sorts of good things and it just went on from there. And then people started telling me that Diane had written about the cover in her blog so last night I was reading everyone's blogs, starting with hers! That was so sweet of her to do! I haven't even gotten the cover up on my blog yet.

People would stop, look at the quilt, say they had seen it somewhere and then it would dawn on them when they saw the cover. I have received so many compliments on the quilt and the cover and even from the people who have read the article! Some have even said they can hardly wait to read the next one (guess I better get writting!)

Then this morning I did a demonstartion of surface design with found objects (yes, Rayna Gilman, I know that is your thing!) for a hour and a half. That was lots of fun. I had recently found a really neat drain trap to print from and of course everyone loved my plastic hot pad with the waves...they also come with bubbles/circles! Had lots of fun showing how to do the monoprints and pull off textures with all the items, too.

Didn't sell very much, did make my expenses but not alot more, but did make lots of contacts and had lots of people talking to me and wanting to know about classes. I was smart and brought my teaching brochures with me! Smart for once!

Gwen Marstan and Freddy Moran were both there doing a demonstration on their work and talked about their new book coming out. Gwen spent a lot of time looking at my work and talking with me...made me feel important!

Got my postcards off to Virginia yesterday.

After taking my dad around for his errands tomorrow, I start making art for the new article...have part of it written so the rest is about the art and how to use all those principles of design! I'll make artists out of everyone yet!


Gerrie said...

Well, it is about time you got noticed - it is way overdue!! Of course, I have known for years that you are an awesome quilt artist - I said it before I had ever met you - don't forget that!!

Rayna said...

Thanks for the credit, Liz. You might, however, want to add another L to Gillman - LOL.
Glad you had a fun and successful time vending! Your fabric is wonderful.

Karoda said...

Liz, I finally picked up the magazine after several trips and near threats to the magazine coordinator at Border's :)

I was going to sit in the parking lot to read your article and it dawned on me how rude that would be to my non-art friend while she sat there...(I was really eager to read it) but I managed to get home and read it with a cup of tea. Your explanation of how to get to abstraction I appreciated...I have an annoying little voice that always wants me to make designs more obvious for the viewer.