Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Can't Believe It's Been Two Weeks

I have been sooooo busy I don't know which way is up! But a good busy!!

Went to ArtQuilt Claremont with Gerrie Congdon. Picked her up at the airport just after I dropped off my college roommate who visited for a couple of hours before having to leave.

Gerrie and I got settled in to our room.

You will notice that there are two laptops in this picture...woe be to us to not be connected. Of course, I didn't post anything while there but Gerrie was very good about letting every know what we were up to!

We were both in Jane Dunnewold's class. The entire floor was covered in blue tarp taped down with duct tape. The tables were covered in plastic. We each had our own eight foot table...didn't know what to do with so much room!

Jane had us up and running right away. Had to get fabrics ready for dying and seperated cotton from silk and rayon going in the cotton pots. It was so confusing...we were supposed to get at least all six colors but you can see that I didn't quite get there. There was so many people trying to get stuff in to the dye pots that I couldn't figure out which pots I had put mine in. Then it was time to start carving stamps out of plastic errasers...what fun...I did that everytime I had a few minutes. Then off to lunch, back to wash out our fabric and we just kept on going. Working on over dyeing, stamping with our stamps, re-folding the fabric for over dyeing, getting our silk screens taped and washed, creating stencils using fusible interfacing with netting in between which was all covered with latex house paint to make a stiff stencil. Then made a permanent screen design and got busy silk screening, stenciling and stamping everything under the sun!

Got home and had to just take a break for a day and then the next day I started making silk screens using my thermofax...boy have I made silk screens...I think about 25 different ones. Well, then I had to start using them and the next day was busy screening ink and the waiting until the next day to start on discharging, using Soft Scrub through the silk screen.

This is a piece of fabric that I did a discharge on just to check out the screens. One is a brush stroke that I had done on a screen and the other is one of several images from Dover of Greek women...I see a new series coming!

This leaf piece is a small piece of Thai silk that I dyed, folded, over-dyed, stamped, and then stamped with adhesive and foiled. I love the colors in this.

Got some interesting mail yesterday. A big envelope from Primedia Publishing came, asking for me to send my quilt, Summer Fun, to them for photography as they are considering using it in their publication. More than that, I don't know. (Primedia publishes Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, Quilt Maker, and McCall's Quilting, as well as Sew News) I have a problem though, the quilt is currently with the Alameda County Arts Commission for consideration for purchase. I should find out tomorrow if the Arts Commission is going to purchase it and several others they have or not. If they do, I will have to ask if I can borrow it for a month while it goes to Primedia. such problems...I know! LOL!

I am so happy that the Fiber Arts for a Cause that Virginia Spiegel has been doing as a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society had done so well at Chicago. She told me that mine sold pretty quickly.

I have just sent her the jpg of the quilt, Spring Day, which will be on the reverse auction on her website. I had told everyone that another quilt would be going but Virginia liked this one best. It is 16" by 19".

Meanwhile, I have had several contacts from various placing to see if I could come and give a lecture and/or a workshop. I would like to do about six or so a year which would help my income but not keep me out of the studio for too long.

I'm working on another fused piece which will be considerably larger than Spring Day. The title is really about what we haven't seen since December, except for one day increments every once in a while. Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. The deer bed down in the hills right close to the freeway because the grass is so tall you can't see them. Oh well...of to work I go again.


Gerrie said...

It is about time we heard from you!! Love that piece that you worked on at home. The reverse auction piece looks spectacular, too. The picture of me - not so sure it adds much beauty to your blog!! It was fun being your roomie!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Isn't this rain just something else!

Waving from Mountain View!

Michelle said...

Your quilt is beautiful. I love the colors