Thursday, March 16, 2006

Article finished

I got the second part of the Art of Abstraction finished today for Quilting Arts Magazine. What a relief! I did a number of small pieces to go with it to use to discuss the principles of design. I hope it is understandable.

I have been at work on this for the past three days solid. I had started the article while I was in Phoenix but was so sick the entire time that I couldn't get any of the work done and until I had, I couldn't finish the article. Got back and had to get everything together for the quilt show.

Now I feel like a big load is off my back!

Tonight is the opening of the Traditions Transformed Contemporary Quilt Exhibition at the Textile Center Joan Mondale Gallery in Minneapolis, MN. Jan Myers-Newberry was the juror and I feel so honored to be in that show. Work from only eleven artists was selected. Sure would have loved to have gone to the opening tonight!

But got another rejection for another get accepted in some and some don't understand why they should have your work. Oh well, got to go through all those calls for entry to see what I should be entering in...such work!


- said...

Wish it wasn't such a long wait for the next article. I really enjoyed the first one. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Gerrie said...

Can't wait for the neext one. I have already had an aha moment from your first.

gabrielle said...

Take a break and give yourself a treat. Writing requires of my least favorite things to do. BTW, thanks so much for your comments on the paintings. I have been going in circles so my apologies for not being a good blog buddy.....but thanks again, they meant a lot to me.