Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New Piece Finished

Well, I finally got a new piece done. Between Gabrielle and Ellen Lindner who have both cut up their quilts, I did the same thing. It is easy to see where I cut this one up but I think it looks much more dramatic cut up and satin stitched down to the black quilted under quilt. It is going to a show at a gallery in Auburn, CA with the California Fiber Artists, a group I belong to.

This piece is called "Syncopation" and is a nice size of 36.5" wide by 41" high.

I have been working on my rust piece which I am still quilting by hand and am ready to sandwich another large piece that is almost 60 x 60...got to go over to the church on Thursday as every horizontal surface in my studio has way too much stuff to clear off to work on something this big...as soon as it's pinned, I start quilting so should have it done by early next week.

Then I've been working on little ones...some of which have shown up on my website under the Sketches gallery...the Color Spots...

Well, back to the work at hand!


Debra said...

Mary, When do you sleep?? 3:54 am??

Liz, this piece is stunning, and cutting it up adds to the energy. I like it.

Deb R said...

I love what you've done with this, Liz. The way you've placed the pieces of the quilt you cut apart, they echo and reinforce the line of the orange moving through the blue and makes it much more dynamic than it would have been as a single piece, IMO.

gabrielle said...

Very stong visually...and wasn't the cutting it up fun? At this point I am almost making thing with cutting them up in mind. Good luck with the show....still waiting to see the BIG piece.