Sunday, August 14, 2005

Long time

It seems like it has been a long time since I have visited my blog...well, I will share pictures of bunches of new postcards.

Virginia Spiegel and Kerry will have Art for a Cause at Houston Quilt Festival this year. They will be selling postcards to benefit the American Cancer Society again. Although Virginia told me I didn't need to give her any for this, I can't help it. Cancer killed my mother (well, she was partly to blame since she smoked heavily for 60 years) but it cut short my relationship with her at a time when we were really coming together. So I do what I can.

I also still need to get 40 of these babies mailed off to my Art2Mail groups...I sent one whole list's worth to Virginia for her on line sale...guess I better get working!

I've almost finished my big I remember why I like to do smaller things. I am finished sewing the binding by hand and then have to get it to the photographer's as I think I will enter it at PIQF.

Lots of entries coming much work to do...

I have been reflecting on Sonji's words about race...I found it so helpful to hear her say that we need to accept each other in our differences and not try to make everyone like us...whoever "us" is. The entire issue of race relations keeps bopping around in my head. I am so upset about the lack of releive going to children who are starving in Africa, women who are raped in the name of revolution, children who are forced to kill parents. We can head off to fix the world in Iraq but we seem to be rather blind to groups of white people who keep killing each other en masse in Europe. And then, today, I was reading about a new group of supremest white young men in Russia who are out to cleanse their society. Just what their parents fought against...well, sort of. I can get totally depressed but remind myself that I can only do what I can do. I am working hard to help earn money for a school and orphanage in Uganda and I guess that is what I can do. This helps children who have lost parents due to AIDS and children who are HIV positive.

But back to art...something isn't working right...I have uploaded some other pics twice but nothing shows up even tho it says its up...oh well, will try another time.

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Sonji Hunt said...

Oh, Liz. We all do what we can, right?

Your work is beautiful as ever. Congratulations on getting into the art quilt show. I just read about it on the QA list.