Thursday, August 25, 2005

Where Have I Been?

This was a fun piece to do...different layers of paint and then swooshing through with a combing tool...lots of fun! Can't wait to cut it up!

I did a couple of pieces with reds and just really had a blast. This one above and the one below both have a piece of gridded plastic that is used over flourescent lights...just plopped it down and picked it back up!
This hot little number is not a monoprint but was painted in one of my surface design classes and I just came across it. Took my neocolor I's and did rubbings with my favorite plastic needlepoint canvas... I have two sizes of circles and they are both fun to do!
And then this is a final picture of a monoprint that I really like and am trying to decide if I will cut it up or use it and go from there...I'm thinking about cutting it and adding it to other collaged stuff.

It seems that I have this need to communicate with my group here...lest people think that I haven't been doing anything.

Well, I did take five days off and went up to the mountains where I read, worked on my art journal and cut down trees so that we will have a defendable area around the cabin. I also played computer games. What a change.

Came home Tuesday night and immediately started working on fabric!

However, the week before I was very busy doing monoprints! Those are so much fun that I have scanned a bunch and have posted them...each of these just represents 8x10" of the fabric.

So I have also been doing a Study in Red series of postcards which will probably go out to my Art2Mail postcard exchange group...or at least some of them. I used a monoprinted fabric, did rubbings and then added some commercial fabric sticks and then sewed...well, I have tried twice to put in two of the postcards but blogger is having one of those times...oh well.

Tomorrow I take off to one of Gerrie's favorite places...Bishop's Ranch...for three day retreat with members from my church. It is all about discovering our creativity and I take lots of stuff to help people unleash themselves creating art really is fun to watch people realize that they don't have to make "ART" and can just have fun with paint, paper, rubber stamps, etc.

See you all next week when I will have pictures of the finished big quilt!


Gerrie said...

have a great time at Bishop's - love their food!! Love our monoprints. It is on my list of to dos!!

Micki said...

I love your work. You have the most interesting pieces. I have been wanting to try monoprinting. Seeing these, maybe I will soon.