Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Playing Around

I've been playing around using my Neocolor I wax/oil crayons and having lots of fun for a very different look. The first piece has been done without the extra coloring and you can see that I have started the quilting on the bottom but haven't stopped long enough to finish it.

The second piece is actually the last one that I did and I think it is the most successful, as far as what I was trying to accomplish.

Piece number 3 really was try #3.

And then #4 is actually piece #2. So they are all out of order.

As you can see, in piece #4 I was more restrictive in my use of the crayon. The went to the blue green and started using a lot more and introduced colors that weren't in the original fused fabrics.

Then the last piece I just had a blast.

I can't remind everyone enough that you just have to get in there and not worry about making anything that is a masterpiece. I've had fun with these, have learned some lessons from them and am going on to something using this technique on a larger scale...already started.

Each of these is about 11 x 14 and has been fused on to Tim-Tex. The bigger one is directly on to the batting and will be much softer. My intent with these little ones is to mount them on matt board and see what happens with them.

Style...gee, what is my style? I am still trying to figure that one out. I know there are certain design elements I use regularly...like repeating lines, distancing shapes, etc. But I am still working through a lot of new techniques. In fact I have a rust piece that I am hand quilting because I have wanted to do something with the rusting process for some time. But hopefully, it looks like mine...it has repeating vertical lines and circles, etc. The quilting will be for texture. Well, we'll see what happens with that!

Just keep on doing the work. You can always sit down and just cut up fabric and move it around and before you know it, you are deep into the work. Work small, see what happens, these are just studies that can lead to something bigger.

And take time to learn about art and composition and design. It will only make you better. Learning is a continuum...hopefully you never stop. There is still so much for me to learn, from different people, from studying different work, from reading, from talking, from exposing myself to ideas.

I am enjoying the blog ring for the community and the fun of watching work grow and change amongst us. I can't believe Diane listed me up there with the biggies...Melody and Gabrielle! I keep hoping some day that I will be there!


Debra said...

See, Liz, I think you have a distinctive style... even if you don't. I even a few sketches in my one book, that my note next to them is: Looks like a Liz Berg. I like them, though, so I'm trying to figure out if I choose a palette that might distinguish them.

Gerrie said...

Hey, Liz! Remember the first time we met and what I said to Niki Bonnet? You were one of the biggies to me then and you still are.

gabrielle said...

Liz, these are fabulous. Love what the pastels do to increase the painterly quality. Have to use that word my classeas are always accusing me that Painterly isn't a real word...then someone looked it up and it really is and so is your work. Of course, you have a style...woman, get all your pieces out a look at them together..they will scream Liz. Personal wish....don't hit me...would love to see you work in a larger format.

Lisa said...

Hi Liz, I love these! I thought about trying those crayon things, but was too chicken. Nice to see what you did with them.

Deb R said...

It amazes me how many artists I hear say they don't think they have a distinctive style and they are quite often people I think have a VERY distinctive style...artists whose work I think I could find in a crowd of other pieces, yours among them.

I love these latest pieces, particularly the second and fourth ones.

Diane Perin said...

You ARE one of the biggies--in talent! Your work is truly exceptional. And I think there's a very strong style.

Elle said...

Great pieces! The colors seem more vibrant with Neocolor I's. I use II's. Maybe because I wasn't using white fabric...Heyyy...I just had a light bulb moment!

I agree with you about this blog. I have learned so much and everyone keeps me motivated to continue creating.

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz,
Just wanted to let you know I linked up with your blog, so I can keep up with your work. I love your style and the use of mixed media.
Keep on creating!!!
SuSan :)