Friday, July 08, 2005

A Slightly Larger Piece of Work

Well, I have had an eventful two days...I don't count today, Friday, today, as I spent the day in the car traveling! It was beautiful, however, driving over the Sierra mountains from Nevada back to California on a very scenic route...

On Wednesday I finished a new piece:

Which also is a little larger, Gabrielle! All of 21" x 27". Now I am ready to do another one, much, much larger. The photography is this really is bad and the colors don't ring true but you sort of get the idea.

On Thursday, I packed up my car and headed off to Sacrament to meet with my mentor, Louise Schiele, and two other mentees...we are the creme de' mentees so we always have mint chip ice cream after our show and tell and potluck lunch. It was lots of fun...we got all the remainder of the postcards for our group, California Fiber Artists, stamped and addressed and all ready to head out to our mailing list. Then we got down to some serious business.

Here is Louise Schile with one of her new everywhere.

And here is Debra Hosler with one of her new ones.

And Marjorie DeQuincy with one of her new ones. Marjorie is having a hard time with her eyes and her work is a really neat way..not as detailed and incorporating a lot of imagery.

So, after I left these ladies, I headed of to Nevada to see Bronwyn Mason, of Artisan's international. She has been selling my work for the past year and a half and had arranged for my work to be hung in a local gallery which was just opening up. I had brought a lot of stuff with me as Bronwyn needed more work and then we needed to leave some for the gallery. They took a bunch (haven't a clue as to how many...Bronwyn will get me the list) and they will have an opening on July 29 and really want me there. I will also be giving them more work for the opening. This is a regular art gallery and their first experience with fiber.

Had a great visit with Bronwyn and her husband and her mother Ceta. It was really great being treated like an important artist by her family and by the gallery owners. My head got a little big but I went potty just like I always do so nothing has changed! Bronwyn has a show today and Saturday in Reno, so I am hoping she will sell some more of my work. She did hand me a nice check for a piece she sold last's been a dry spell for six months for me and I am running out of money. Hopefully the new things will go over well.

So, tomorrow I go running around to two different opening receptions for two different galleries, each has three pieces of my work. One at the Santa Cruz Art League from 3-5 pm and then I dash back to San Ramon at the ArtEscapes gallery for 6-8pm. My the life of an artist is so difficult! I get to talk about myself and meet people and explain my work again tomorrow.

Well, ta-ta...I'm off and running to make a bigger piece.


Gerrie said...

I'm exhausted just reading your blog. You keep going girl. I'm so proud of you!!

jenclair said...

I love this piece. Earlier comments about style are interesting because you do have a definite style, but your style also appears to be continually expanding and experimenting; recognizable but never repetitive. Love your use of shapes and experimentation with color.

gabrielle said...

Ya hoo Liz!...amazing bigger piece...could we go for 40" x 50"? Just the integration of the line work in the composition.