Saturday, July 23, 2005

Virginia's postcards

I can't believe how fast everyone's postcards have left Virginia's site. This is amazing. I have purchased two band really wanted to get several more but they were sold...woe is me....whine, whine, sniffle.

I ended up donating 23 postcards for the ACS fundraiser. I have just finished a bunch more and am trying to decide if I really want to send a few more to her to see if we can get to that $10,000 mark. I have been very surprised that my postcards went so fast...very pleasantly surprised. Made me feel really good. When I sent the first five in I was so afraid that no one would like them and they would sit there forever, unsold. But, that didn't happen.

I loved seeing postcards by Gerrie which were great, and also Marjorie DeQuincy...her post cards went really fast also...I don't know when anyone sleeps but I know that since I am on the west coast the early birds have been at it before I am even up. No fair...whine, whine, sniffle.

I've been getting small things done and have been working on my bigger piece. Hopefully tomorrow I can post some up here.


Debra said...

I love that the cards the last month or so have flown "off the shelf". The early going they went a lot more slowly. Watching the progress, I think Karey's beginning to purchase items and letting Virgina make it public did a whole lot to fire things up.

The ball got rolling.. and the entire thing snowballed! In a good way...

OK, enough cliches.... Loved your postcards.

Sonji Hunt said...

Your postcards are great, Liz. They are like yummy little fruit snacks. I am not home on the computer enough to check and snare one up...unlike Deborah Boschert. Perhaps she will give it to me as a gift (not, she already made that clear).

I can't believe that you MADE that many in the first place. And in the second place were so open hearted to donate them all. It is a beautiful thing.

Deb R said...

I got one of yours Liz! HappyHappy JoyJoy! I got #13 and I like the number as well as the name.

Yours is, in fact, the ONLY one I've managed to buy. I've wanted several others by various artists, but they were either marked sold before I saw them or I tried for them and got beat out. Oh well...I'm still checking today and tomorrow.

Deborah Boschert said...

I was lucky enough to get one... as Sonji mentioned. And she is correct, I will not be gifting it to her or anyone. I got #16. I love it (and not just because it's GREEN and PURPLE)! I was also thrilled to donate two. I know Virginia's enormous generosity will really make a difference -- I think it already has!

Gerrie said...

I forget which number I got - I think it was 21. Virginia didn't put my name on it. I think it says private collection. I was very excited to get a Pamela Allen card. She told me hers are larger than 4 X 6 because she couldn't scale her work down enough.