Thursday, September 01, 2011

And the work keeps coming

I have really been working hard.

I have completed two more quilts, one which was just done, River 2, and another that I just finished up, Safe Harbor.

Below is River 2.  I seemed to have so much fun sewing strips together that I did it with some more fabric and then did all over quilting of the river.  Then I used gesso lightly to help bring all the colors together.  I really like this and have enjoyed doing it....I think I see some more coming.

This is Safe Harbor, a quilted painting. It is about 60 inches x something else close to that....

I have been on a finish everything spurt of energy.  And I have been working large.  I had a quilt I had done some time ago and had made the edges wonky and it just never hung right.  So off went the facing, I trimmed everything square and now I need to resew the new facing.  I also had another small quilt that I had done earlier this year and had just tossed it aside after doing the top and the quilting...out it came and now it is all bound...will get a picture soon as I really like it.

And then, more photos to come, I have been doing a lot of collages...about a collage a day. Sometimes I miss a day but then make up for it. It is all with torn, found paper and I am just working with color and shape and composition.  I won't bore you with a new piece everyday on my blog....I just get too busy to blog.  And besides, I need to pull the scanner out once I find a clear place on my desk to put it.

Oh well, some more in another day....the juices are really flowing...I hope no one gets any spittle on them!  (That was a funny!)


Nikki said...

Whoo! It's great to see you on such a creative roll, Liz. Your energy is inspiring, reminding me how good completion feels.
Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to glimpses of your collages, too.

Elizabeth said...

River 2 is wonderful !!! I so envy your creative roll!! Roll on girl and I can't wait to see more pictures especially of those that you have redone!!!!
Enjoy the energetic burst- blogging is for down times!!

Yes Mam! Fiber Art said...

I love what you're doing now, especially "River 2" Is the river painted on?

thanks for all your inspiration!

Robin said...

River 2 is wonderful...think you are onto something here:) Keep at it you are getting so much done!