Friday, September 09, 2011

Another one is now done

I am waiting for the map of the Grand Canyon to come from  USGS so that I can figure out the right contours for the Colorado River in my Grand Canyon piece that is waiting for me.

For once, I am not feeling impatient to start. I guess having several things to finish up allows for that! I have just finished the facing on one which is about 106" wide and about 48" high.  It still needs to have a sleeve put on.
It is one of my ridge series and hasn't been titled really is amazing to see what I have sitting around in various piles of things. And I have given you a close up.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time making sleeves for about 5 pieces.  And during all this time I have quilted two large quilts for our community quilts at my home guild, Amador Valley Quilters.  One of our members works with the women at the Federal Correction Facility in Dublin and I have agreed to quilt a bunch of the quilts that the women have made.  When done, those will go into the batch for community quilts...over the years this project has grown quite a bit and we now give away about 700 quilts at Christmas time to various agencies in the community.

Meanwhile, I continue to do my collages with found paper and am really enjoying doing them. They are all done in a book where they will stay as they are done back to back. I enjoy looking back at my color combinations and choice of composition.  Some day I will scan some and post them. It is a nice way to start the day.

And, for any of you who are in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have a couple of new pieces that will be showing in Hayward at the Cinema Place Gallery, 1061 B St., Hayward, CA from Sept 21 until Nov 12.  There will be a reception on Wed, Sept 28 from 5-7 pm. Come on down! There are a lot of SAQA artists from the area showing in this show.  It should be quite interesting.

Another thing on the burner.  We are currently interviewing and discussing building plans with several contractors to begin finally to build our additional garage to hold our motorhome and it will have a space above for me to have a much larger studio at home.  I have the scale drawing all ready and little cut out pieces of furniture (4 x 8' plywood tables) which I move around.  I will have my own outside entrance which will be nice for open studios in our area.  I am really looking forward to this since my studio at home house all the household finance stuff genealogy stuff and more stuff and more stuff.  I have been going through things and filled up our recycling bin yesterday with a lot of paper stuff...old bills, etc...all the shredded paper went into our greens bin and get composted but the sheet paper goes off to recycling.  It feels good but there is still a lot of stuff.  I am going to have to hire young men to move my other studio stuff to the new studio when the time comes because I sure can't haul everything up stairs!  Once I am in there, I may hardly ever come out...oh yeah, dinner time and bed time....but it will be especially nice to start working on my collages first thing in the morning before I do anything else, and in my pj's too!  Feels so decadent!

Back to sewing sleeves on....


Martha Ginn said...

Liz, I follow your blog and have really enjoyed reading it. I identify with the wonderful feeling of finishing stuff that has been tucked away. After my husband's death July 4, I have done lots of clearing out (shredding old records, etc.) and have even attacked some of MY stuff which needed purging. Hand sewing to Masterpiece Theatre is the best way to spend Sun. evenings!
And building plans for a larger studio--how exciting!
Martha Ginn

Unknown said...

This is a beautiful piece. The colors are so yummy. The quilting is really effective with the design. Congratulations on finishing all the uncompleted projects!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful piece! Colors and design are fabulous!!

Donna Becker said...

Only coming out of the studio for dinner and bedtime? Think delivery and a comfy cot!

Nancy said...

Wonderful piece. Really takes me back to mornings on the rim.