Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Continuing to Catch Up

I have been continuing in my quest to get unfinished work off of the old piles and in to the finished piles....which are all on top of an extra bed...so many that if I need something on the bottom it is quite hard to get out!

But anyway, enough of my woes!  This is a fused piece that I did several years ago and I had wonky edges on it (on purpose). The edges curved but it never hung flat because I did not plan the curves correctly.  So I cleaned it all up, cut off portions, and refaced it which I like much better.

Summer Time

Yesterday I spent several hours creating sleeves for three other pieces that I have previously shown on this blog. It is really nice to get these things done.

Now, all that needs to happen on these is to put labels on them.  I have even been putting them into my catalog!  Will wonders never cease. Oh, I do hate all the details that have to be done for the business end.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is a reception for a new show opening called Fabric Art/Art Quilts Plus, at the Cinema Place Gallery at 1061 B St. Hayward, CA.  There are quite a few pieces of work in this show and I have two of my new pieces in it.  The reception is from 5-7pm and the show runs until November 12 if you are in the area. There are many northern California members of SAQA in the show.  Lots of great work!

So, I have sandwiched the Grand Canyon/Colorado River piece and am about ready to draw in some basic shapes. I have spent a lot of time studying the topo map of the Grand Canyon and have decided on a portion to work with which I think has very interesting shapes.  I am impressed with myself that I have been patient, have quilted three quilts created by women at the Federal Correctional Facility in Dublin, CA, have been working on a piece for the altar at church, and have worked with a small group of teens at church to create a new stole for our new assistant priest who is heading up the family ministries.  Just have to finish each of the those for church and then can get them in to be used.

Next week a small group of us are going to Asilomar for the week of free time with the sewing machines.  I am trying to figure out just what I want to do with this time....hmmmmmm...what shall I do with four full days away from home?  Well, you will just have to wait and see.


Norma Schlager said...

Great quilt, but then I do love greens and blues. I'm glad you got it "straightened out" and will be able to show it off. It deserves to be seen.

Carol Esch said...

hopefully you will get ready for your trip to NY state.....looking forward to a week's class.....

Sandra said...

Love, love! Great colors, lots of visual appeal and movement. So glad you reworked this one.
Sandra from Moab, Utah
from QuiltArt

Carol Esch said...

I love your work and had signed for your class at Hudson River Valley Art Center.........and due to your unfortunate fall was unable to take your class.........and I wanted to wish you quick healing.......I'm sure with an arm in cast it cannot be conducive to quilting......... I hope to catch you at another workshop.

Carol Esch said...

hope you are healing well.........waiting to find a class to take with you somewhere......when you're better.