Friday, February 27, 2009

Still working away

I have continued to play with my screen printed fabrics making more In the Woods pieces. I am doing these while I work on images for urban landscapes.

So here is the largest to date, it is about 36 x 46 or somewhere in there. I will stitch it. It has been fused to canvas and I really like the way these pieces do without quilting and a batting. I stitch all the edges down but only through the canvas. I think I will just do a zig zag stitch around them to secure the edges.

And this one is slightly smaller, about half the size of the previous one. It really is squared off but I can't seem to take a picture right on and avoid that barrel effect. Oh well. It is in need of stitching also which I will start shortly. I now have three of these larger ones done. Perhaps they will end up in my show in May.
And just for fun, my grandson Jacob with his spare rib which he was enjoying. His friend was with us also and this was the first time his friend had had spareribs...he ate four and I was afraid none of the rest of us would have any.
Not to be outdone, Ashton was quite serious about this rib eating business and was a two fister, not giving up the one he had finished while he worked away on his second one. He was not too happy about having to look up for mom's picture taking...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I went down to the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles on Tuesday and took my work. They have taken a bunch to sell in the museum gift shop. And I also went to the exhibit which is contemporary textiles from China. What an eye opener! No single strand embroidery on red silk in this show! Extremely modern and really breath taking with lots of things to think about.


Stacye Carroll said...

Your work is beautifully inviting, serene, and engaging, all at once.
The grandsons arent' bad, either.
Thanks for sharing!

LoieJ said...

I love your work posted here. Also the ones in QA. I don't know enough about "analyzing art" to say exactly why it appeals to me so much, because I often don't like collage type art. There is something both soothing and contrasting about the elements. Is there something that makes a collage work universally? Or is that just a personal thing?