Monday, January 05, 2009

Plans in the Making

First I will show you my collage for yesterday. I used some beautifully colored solid paper for the orange and dark purple and worked on gesso covered mat board and then painted in the background with a lighter purple paint. What fun I am having!

And, now I will share my big exciting news! Arrangements are being made for me to teach in Switzerland and France in 2010! I can hardly wait! This has come about because I had two Swiss women in my Better Art by Design Class last year and they passed the information about my class on to someone who makes arrangements for teachers in Switzerland.

I now have to come back down to earth and do the mock-ups for the three pieces that I will do for the commission for the county and get those sent in. Then I can start painting and dyeing fabric.

Meanwhile, I just keep making these little collages. Oh yeah, and finishing the facing on the quilt I just quilted and the facing on another that I quilted a while back...getting things done, including the write up for a class in 2010 down in Cambria with Sandy Turner's retreat.


Gerrie said...

Don't forget, I am coming along as your class assistant!!

Anonymous said...

Je suis trop contente que cous veniez en Suisse et que des amies bénéficient de votre enseignement

I too am pleased that come necks in Switzerland and friends enjoy your teaching.


Anonymous said...

Oh Liz....If Gerry gets to come as your assistant, can I come as the keeper of the fabric or holder of the brushes???? Even the assistant to the assistant will do. How exciting and what an adventure. Don't forget your camera!!!!!!

Ann In Fallbrook, CA said...

You're coming to Cambria again??!!
How exciting!