Sunday, January 04, 2009

Collages and George

In order to keep myself interested, I am posting two more collages. I am doing these just for myself. Just to please myself. Just for the fun for myself.

Collage 010209

Collage 010309

Yesterday I got down to my studio for the first time since I last cut out pretend clothes for my grandson. During the entire month of December I had not done any of my own work except for work for two magazine articles. One was on fabric and resulted in a number of small fabric quiltlets and the other was in papers and resulted in quite a few collages...these will show up in the next issue of Quilting Arts and then Cloth, Paper, Scissors.

But I had not been able to just do what I wanted to do. I find that any time I am not sure what direction to take, I can always jump start things by making fabric...either by dyeing it or painting it. However, during the winter my studio is almost too cold, even with a heater, to work with wet things.

So, George and I met and had a delicious couple of hours together isolated in the studio with new age music playing. I decided it was time to get the quilting done on a piece that had hung on the wall for some time but I was not happy with it so I cropped it, and then it sat while all the other projects had to get done. So, on with a backing, threaded up George and off we merrily sewed together, making some good quilting. Did that ever feel good.

I also realized that my depression has been lifting...sleeping well at night is really making a big difference, doing my own collages just for myself helps, and then working back with George just made it all the better.

I spent today getting things ready for my Advanced Better Art by Design class...tomorrow it is time to get the class description, supply list and images together for a surface design class I will be teaching at Sandy Turner's retreat in 2010. And then to get some images off to EBHQ where I will be doing a lecture and two classes in a couple of months. Things are looking up...because then I start on the mock ups for the Commission for the county...


Gerrie said...

Well, I just love those two little collages you made just for yourself. I am assuming they are small!! So happy to hear that you are feeling better.

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

I love the yellow & lilac collage! I am creating a small collage every morning --- just for me. It is a great way to start the day.