Friday, August 15, 2008

Little by little it gets done

Late yesterday I received notification that I was not moved into the second round for the public arts program to create art for a new sobering center. But! five minutes later I got the message that I was moving on to the second round for the Juvenile Justice Center. This means orientation meeting, and getting my ideas down on paper...I will know more when the paperwork comes next week.

And, procrastinator that I am, I finally got my quilt sent off to Breaking Traditions. I also included a couple of fabric postcards for Lynn to use as incentives. Well, that's out of the way, now I just have to get my image in to SAQA for the auction! Ah, tomorrow....

And, I also got my reservations made to go to New York in November! I will be teaching at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops starting Nov. 2 and ending the 8th. What a fun trip that will be! I hope I don't need heavy duty clothing as this California girl just doesn't have much!

I also got a call today from the Galesburg Art Center asking if I could move my show date from October, 2009 to May,2009. That actually works better for me since I will be having a show at PIQF in October, 2009. Then I don't have to worry about running all around to get everything ready!

Now, if this cold would just go away! I must say, I sure am getting my doses of vitamin C! Today I just went out my back door and picked five fresh, juicy, sweet oranges and stood over the kitchen sink while I wolfed them down...oh, but life is rough!

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Gerrie said...

You are making me feel like a slug. I don't have a cold, but I have a crappy virus.

You will need some fleece when you go to NY in November. That is where I am from, I know the weather.