Monday, August 18, 2008

Color Blocks 31 and other stuff

Color Blocks 31

This piece is 10 x 8" and is unmounted. It is square although the image in the above picture is not! $125

Other news: My journal quilt, California Fire did not get accepted in to the show for Houston. Ah well, so it goes. You win some and you lose some.

I need to get images made of my much to haul off to the photographer but so necessary.

Today we received word that a young rising star named Lauren died this past week. My husband coached her in soccer for about 4 years. Lauren had gone on to college, then medical school and just took her boards for anesthesiology and had passed. She died at the age of 30. This young woman was such a bright star, I can only envision a dying star burst....her spirit will stay alive in all those who knew her.


Gerrie said...

So sorry for your loss. It is difficult to understand the passing of such a young talented person.

I did not enter the JQ this year. I am watching the QA list and there seem to be many who are posting not getting in. I just thought it was disingenuous of Karey to say the project was over and then say no I changed my mind.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Sorry to hear about that young lady.

As for Color Blocks 31. I love all your work so I'm biased but my favourite part of 31 are the thin black lines that pull the rest together....and the shade (?) of green is just spot on. Fibre art is all new and exciting for me and I get a real thrill every tme I visit your blog or website. Thanks for sharing.Shirley

Unknown said...

CB31 is stunning. But then all your work mesmerizes me. It is becoming so distracting viewing all these amazing pieces from superior artists and then trying to focus on my own simple work. I think I need to lay off the blogs for a while until I get at least my concept drawings done.