Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh My goodness how time flies!

Well, am I ever behind...I really haven't dropped off the edge of the earth but have again been slowed down by another cold. I saw the doctor on Monday just to be sure it hadn't moved in to my lungs and his diagnosis was that I have a cold and should be better in 5-7 days (since about 3 days had already passed) and you know what? Today I am beginning to feel better. Still coughing a lot but feeling better!

So much has been happening, I head has been a little groggy.

I went down to Long Beach for the Quilt Festival with Carol and Robin and we drove down 101 which is sure much prettier that I5 which goes straight through the middle of the state and is all about feed lots, farms and ranches and not very interesting. Had a delightful drive and stayed at a Marriott Extended Stay which was nice as they had full breakfasts, and we had a kitchenette, a living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. I ended up sleeping on the hide-a-bed which worked out just fine. We spent three days at the show. I was working each day, doing a two hour stint at the demonstration area for Quilting Arts. I just set myself up and talked to lots of people and showed them how I make my color blocks. I had taken a lot of precut 8x10 pieces of timtex and prefused fabrics and cut out and ironed away. Saw several people from the Art quilt list and got to connect some names and faces. Also saw a couple of past students from the Heart in Hand retreat in Cambria from earlier this year and met one of my on-line students...what fun!

I also got to chat with Larkin Van Horn whose table I would take each time she finished her stint. Jamie Fingal did time with me at her own table and Alisa Burke was also there. Beryl Taylor was there, too as well as Ruth Rae. What a great group of people!

Spoke briefly with Pokey about a couple of ideas for future articles which I will need to flesh out and get to her.

Barbara, from the magazine, took really good care of me while I was there and got my iron and everything else I needed! What a great group of people!

Came home an had an interested email from an advertising company which is interested in having a piece made for a book they are producing for an energy company. Responded and discussed ideas. But right now there are some things going on politically in the region where the company will be working so the advertising company is laying low for a couple of weeks. Ideas are flowing all over for a quilt which will be a background for graphics and text for the article. I really hope this comes through as it is exciting.

While I was in Long Beach, I created 9 of my color blocks so got them finished when I came home. Spent yesterday trying to get all of these silly things figured out...some have sold, some already have numbers and a bunch don't and some even have some pictures I have taken of them so tried to sort them out as to which image went with which thoroughly confused (of course it was because I was coughing so much and peeing in my pants too much to stay focused!) so now I have to go through all the pieces and see what I don't have photographed. Then, on to the website.

Gloria Hansen and Derry have fixed my website and moved it to their server so I won't have outages any more. They have also given me a page for mixed media so now I have to get work up for that.

And, got my submission in for consideration to do work for the San Francisco Libraries with their Public Art program. Am still waiting to hear if I made the first round with Alameda County and their public art program. Those are so time consuming to take care of but I love the idea of doing public art!

My studio will be part of a tour for people going on the bus trip when they attend PIQF...right now it just says two well known artists but I know who we are!

Also, Jane Davila and Elin Waterston have put together another book and I have created a number of pieces that will be in the book, as well as work by a number of other great artists. We are doing a swap so we even get some art work out of this. It was really fun to do. I am not quite sure when the book will be out but their last book was really great!

Gotta go take pictures of new work. I did get a piece finished to enter in Quilt National...haven't done that in years!


Gerrie said...

Lots of good stuff,here. You are doing so well; I am excited for you. Stay healthy. I have some kind of crappy virus - hope it is the 24 hour variety.

Nathalie G. said...

Can't wait to see your art in Jane's and Elin's book.