Saturday, August 23, 2008

Art Decisions

I go through periodic times when I am not sure just where I want my art to go. I spend a lot of time looking at other artist's work, all of whom are so much better than me, that I begin to feel inadequate. However, the other part of me reminds myself that they are not necessarily better but are different. My work is different. But I reach a point in time with my work that I am ready to move on and explore some different ways of doing things.

This happened a number of times last year as I had put so much time and energy into my Life Circles pieces that I couldn't figure out what could come after that. So most of the year I didn't get a whole lot done (although I easily forget that I got California Dreams 2 done and California Dreams 3 started which go finished this year).

It wasn't until I went down to be artist in residence at Asilomar for the Empty Spools seminars that I got myself going again. I packed up prefused batiks and thus started Color Blocks. Well, now I have done almost 40 from anywhere from 4x6 to 50x50". I have framed a lot of them and now need to seek out gallery space for them. But they feel easy. They are fun but I am not feeling a depth in them that I would like.

So I am finding myself searching for a new meaning, a new challenge, some new ideas. I have come up with the ideas for California Dreaming 4 Foothills which I should be started as soon as I get some more images taken to create more silk screens. But I want something more.

I want something that is just the essence of what ever it is. I love simplicity. I love to keep people wondering. I love to have depth in my work. I love for it to grab you from a distance and bring you in.

But in what direction am I going to go?

I spend time doing some jotting down of ideas, reading books which offer to help, etc. I brainstorm ideas when I come up with a thought and write it all down. I am still searching.

I got really excited about the possibility of the commission but it is three weeks and the project has been put on hold so now I have to wait until Monday when I can call them again to see where we are. But that hasn't stopped me with the idea that I had and I have pieced together a section that is the beginning and am ready to start adding more....but I want to know I've got a commission!

Such is life. I still make art of some sort of other but I am looking for that challenge, the what if, the where will it go, kind of thing. Bear with me!


Anonymous said...

Liz...sometimes we are our own worst enemy when we know in our souls that we can create just about anything we want but stumble time and time again. I totally understand your not knowing which way to turn at times..maybe it's because we have so much going on inside our head we can't let it all fall into place...I'm trying relaxing exercies to help me focus..not working!!!Louise

TALL GIRL said...

A friend told me that without angst we could not create great art! I love that.

And I love that even you, the famous Liz Berg might feel at times that her work does not measure up. When I feel that way, I remind myself of my successes.

In this life there will always be someone who is more, more, more or better, better, better, but there is only one Liz Berg!

Grace said...

Liz, it was like reading what's been on my mind for the last few weeks, where am I going...what do I want to say with my art...etc.
I guess if we didn't question, we wouldn't grow and be able to start down that new path.

Eileen said...

I can identify with your posting so much!! Thank you for putting it out there that even someone as accomplished as you can feel like she's still on a search.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Yes thank you Liz...for revelaing your own 'lost' feelings. I am only a beginner and it helps to know that someone who has already delved deeply can feel stuck for a time.