Saturday, February 03, 2007

DAY 26

So, the process of separating continues although both of us have still been doing some work. I was able to get all of my quilts into my large suitcase...because I am shipping so much other stuff home. I have three more boxes to ship....

Here are a number of Virginia's pieces in progress...they are really cool, even unfinished. I can just feel the atmosphere of the Boundary Waters and lose myself in the trees and water.

and another

and another

and another

love the star charts!

and water

and horsetail reeds...I think that is what Virginia said

Earlier today as I was running errands, I found the back of some buildings, which are much more interesting than the fronts. I'm sorry we haven't had better weather because it would have been fun to wander the alley ways downtown for pictures. Don't you just love all that rust?

And right next to it was another door. If you look closely, you can see that a lot of the bricks have no mortar.

We decided that we should go out and finally take some pictures of the longhorns who live nearby. But first we stopped on Windy Hill Lane for a close up of these berries but neither one of us knows what they are.

Now isn't this a face any mother could love? Tried to get the "red-eye" out but it didn't work because the calf doesn't have red eyes to correct and I didn't want to spend the time fiddling with it to fix it so it is the zombie calf.

and the zombie long horn

Then we came back to Windy Hill Lane and right on the road is Fished and Loaves, a nice little restaurant...this is where we have come for Chicken Fried Chicken which is on special on Wed. nights which includes two pieces of chicken per person, and five or six different sides. I think I talked about this in an earlier blog. Of course, tonight wasn't Wed. but Virginia had friend chicken and I had a humongous quesadilla filled with cheese, chicken, mushrooms and spinach with a great chipolte sauce! MMMMM....half of it came back with me.

So we are starting to pack up the last stuff. Tomorrow morning I will head up to the studio, do a little work and then go to church, come home and finish packing. Karey comes back from Houston tomorrow so we get to say good bye!

I am ready to go home. today I did the stitching on all the edges on #20 and that felt really good but will do well at home in my own studio. Then add backings, turn them, and do the quilting.
Oh, that will take a day or two!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing photos of Virginia's work. She has moved to some new and fresh and wonderful design work while at the AIR and it delights the senses to view her offerings. There will be some hours at machines for each of you when you are at home studios and I look forward to visiting Virginia's web pages to see her work as well as looking at yours.
Thanks Liz and Virginia for sharing this piece of the creative journey with the audience out in cyber land.

Anonymous said...

this has been quite the month. I have enjoyed the emotional and physcial work you have done. I hope I said that right. There is the actual art making and then there is the emotional stuff you go through to get there. I have appreciated your candor!!

Anonymous said...

I am anxious to see how you quilt this work.
It seems so complete already that I am waiting to see how you handle the quilting - closeups please when you do it!
Enjoyed seeing you and your work up close in person at the Franch.
Kay S

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful picture