Friday, February 02, 2007


I did it! I have gotten 20 large pieces done in the circles series!

Below is #18

Below is #19

And below is #20. Right now this is my favorite! But of course, it is the last one I have done.

Today I folded up all the big pieces of fabric from this series. If I make more I will have to get some more black fabric so I can discharge the smaller circles that I cut out and add at the end.

Tomorrow I will use scraps and do a bunch of 10 x 10's and then add backing and do the edging on all of them that aren't finished. That will keep me busy for tomorrow.

Sunday Karey comes back so we can see her before we leave early Monday morning.

I am so proud of this body of work. I still have a lot to do to finish it and I would dearly love to see them all together in a big show. I have only seen three or four together at a time and as I have finished them and taken them down off the wall, they have been piled up on a table. With these 20 and two others that I did, I think that is quite an accomplishment. And, I also have that small purple and gold circles series and the black ones that I am still doing. I am going home with more work than I had dreamed of.

I have also been able to go off into another direction, which I dearly wanted to do. I think the fences are done, and the flying geese ended a while ago...and I don't think these will have any satin stitched lines in them. Besides, I am beginning to see those things showing up in other people's work so I have to keep ahead of the crowd!

I feel really good!


Rayna said...

LizzieB - you SHOULD be proud! This is a fabulous body of work and I'm sure the pictures don't even do it justice. Congratulations -- you must be exhausted. I know I am, just reading about all this accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! It has been quite a ride to follow you through this journey. You have emerged with a great body of work!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Liz! Well done! It was fascinating and inspiring to watch your struggle and your progress. I certainly can identify with what hard work it is, and how very satisfying when it flows. Thank you for being so open and sharing so much. I loved reading your blog. Rosemary

FunkyC said...

Go, Liz, Go! What an interesting body of work you've assembled. As Rayna noted, Be Proud! Will be reading to see how this experience transfers to working at home.

Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

Thanks for posting your journey through your artist-in-residency, Liz, it's been wonderful to follow along and see how you've dealt with it inspiration for those of us who've never had the opportunity to try something for this. To learn of some of the pitfalls and rewards for spending such dedicated time with our work.

Thanks again! Well Done!

Anonymous said...

Liz.....I thank you for sharing with so many your incredible journey with an exploration and development of a fine series of work. Your photos and words led us along the path of the AIR time right along with you; a incentive and stimulus to get out the materials and begin a journey for folks who are sitting, dreaming and wondering where and how to stretch. The road you illustrated will serve as a guide to many who just needed a jump start. So this offering of words and images goes to not only showcasing the wonderful new direction your work had gone but as an inspiration for others. Watching your website for completed works from this time at AIR and then as you move forward will be my delight. Thank you and thank you.