Wednesday, November 22, 2006

49 Days to go

I'm on a count down. Only 49 days to go.

Obviously not to Thanksgiving which is tomorrow.

Obviously not to Christmas which is in 33 days.

Not until a new would have heard about that already!


On January 9, 2007 I hit the air for LaGrange, Texas. This is a small town between Houston and Austin and not too far away from San Antonio, my hometown. I'll fly in to San Antonio, meet up with another artist and rent a car and head to La Grange. The two of us will take up residency until February 5 at which time we will pack up and head back to San Antonio.

La Grange is a small Texas town in hill country that has about 4000 residents, one of whom happens to be Karey Bresenhan. Karey and her husband own some acreage just outside of town and have their country place there. It is an animal sanctuary as well as a Creative Center. They have a studio for a residency program. And...we are going!

I am starting to think about all the things I want to do. I think I will work on a new series I have just started, but then I've been thinking about some other things also.

Got to figure out what I am going to do so I can get things shipped.

Virginia and I can hardly wait!


Sarah Ann Smith said...

OH ENVY ENVY ENVY...a month residency! With Virginia! And Karey's place! Oh sigh! HAve a FUN-Wonderful time, and can't wait to see the art that emerges. And how wonderful for Virginia, after all the time and energy she has devoted to FFAC,

Cheers, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Liz, I know exactly where LaGrange is. The contemporary quilt group I'm in, along with Linda Minton, Nancy Dickey and others will be having our first show at the Copper Shade Tree Gallery in Round Top starting February 2. The opening will be that evening -- don't know time yet. We'd love to have you gals come by. The show will also be in the Belle of Round Top B&B.

Anonymous said...

Virginia Spiegel? Oh, you are so lucky. I hope you can blog from there and kee[ us posted on wha you are doing. I'll just be wading through rain and mud up here in Portland, thinking of you creating in Karey's backyard!

Karoda said...

a month long art retreat! ooooo lucky you!!!!!!!!!

cfent said...

green with envy here!
can't wait to see what comes out of it!
y'all ENJOY!!!!!