Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Where Have I Been?

It seems like forever and ever since I have graced these pages...oh, doesn't that sound fancy? Well, fancy, I am not!

Went to ArtQuiltTahoe and didn't feel very sharp the entire time. But I do have a couple of pictures!

The top picture shows Carol Suto, my roommate and buddy, at her table with stuff ready for class.

The next picture shows one of our desserts...then a picture of Gerrie and you can check her blog for more pictures of desserts and she will tell you what day this was...I don't remember.

And then, there is a picture of my space all ready for class. Looks pretty clean, Huh! That isn't how it remained.

And, of course, the gratuitous pictures of the he is with his first piece of fiber art which I discussed in an earlier post.

Two years ago, I left ArtQuiltTahoe and on the road home, learned that my daughter was going in for an emergency C Section. I arrived at the hospital just after Jacob was born. Last year I went to ArtQuiltTahoe and missed his first brithday. This time, I made it! Jacob at 2 with his Elmo birthday cake!


Rayna said...

omg, LizzieB - what a gorgeous kid!
And talented, of course. Ha - your space at the workshop resonates because (big surprise) it looks as neat as mine always does. Kindred spirits. Back to sewing sleeves... welcome home.

Anonymous said...

I rather enjoyed rummaging through that pile of fabrics!! Was that photo before or after I ate the cake!!