Friday, September 16, 2005


I have been on a week long trip to Asilomar with a group of ladies from Sun City Lincoln and Sun City Roseville, along with some more ladies from the Over-the-Hill gang around Castro Valley and San Leandro. Quite a good time was had by all!

I forgot my box of accessories for my machine. I had a walking foot on the machine and had put my big foot into another box that went with me but forgot the ankle for the feet and all the rest of the feet. So, I was dependent upon other Janome users to share parts of their machines when they weren't sewing. What a deal that was! Did I ever feel stupid. I also forgot my light and power strip but fortunately I could stop off at Ace Hardware for that!

So, I worked on one piece and got it just about finished except for the binding, and did part of the lay out for another medium size piece and then I started working on post cards....and more postcards....and more postcards....until I had 50 finished before I left Friday morning! Felt really good about that...sold one (these ladies are all pretty traditional so I am kind of different!), and gave three to the very kind lady, Pam, who is my new best friend as she let me use her machine ankle and foot all day Thursday so I could get these finished. Two went to my older best friends.

I'm trying to upload pictures of my new postcards but I seem to be having problems...Oh well, will get it up eventually!

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