Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Donation Efforts

I have sent two small pieces to Laura Cater-Woods for the Phase One of Open Hearts/Helping Hands. These are both donated and all the money will go to the Red Cross.

This piece is called Spring Green and is hand dyed cotton with hand dyed raw silk which has been fused, along with commercial cotton batiks and a few beads with sequins. I believe it will go for $50 as it falls in their medium category.
The piece is 6 x 8 mounted on 11x14 matt board.

The next piece is called Autumn at Lake Tahoe...fall colors with the beautiful color of the Lake. (It also seems somewhat southwest, too)

Again, it is hand dyed cotton, hand dyed raw silk fused and commercial cotton batik. It has small turquoise nuggets on the yellow squares. Again, this pieces falls in the medium category and should sell for $50.

You can go on line to http://www.artdoinggood.com.
Things are not currently up but they have received quite a few pieces of art work and all should be on line shortly so keep checking.

I have also been working on ten twin and just a little bit smaller quits to donate for shelter use. All ten tops are completed and I am in the process of cutting batting and backing to go with them. Then they will get put together and then some down and dirty machine quilting to hold it all together. I had come up with an totally undoable deadline to have them in the mail tomorrow but that just isn't going to happen. Instead, as I was getting very tired (which leaves me vulnerable to my depression) I opted to slow down. The need will be there for a long time and me getting too depressed to do anything at all just won't work! (for any of us)

Gerrie Congdon at posted a nice picture of my quilt, Summer Fun, with it's big, fat second place ribbon on it. My other small piece received an honorable mention. Picked them up Sunday evening and then got Summer Fun shipped off to the Mancuso's for the PA Quilt Fest coming up.

Still doing postcards and trying to get some real work done which seems to have been set to the side while I commit to doing a number of fundraisers. I will have postcards at Houston for the American Cancer Society, a special one for auction, and a piece or two for phase two of the Open Hearts; Open Hands sale at Houston. Also do have to get my piece for Tactile Architecture sent off too.

Oh well, too much time on the computer!

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Frances said...

Liz slow down when do you get time to eat (gotta keep blood sugar up) and sleepzzzzzzzzzzzzz

my I thought I am busy but just reading what your up to makes me tired,

I saw your beautiful quilt on Gerries blog meant to leave a comment but didn't have time, big congratulation, oh and it has probably been taken but wish i had the fare to share that room at Houston, have a great time when you go,