Saturday, September 03, 2005


I have so many feelings about Katrina and the devastation. I have not been happy with the way CNN has been covering this...too many questions about when the bodies will be picked about after the live people are picked up? Too many questions about where are the National Guard and FEMA...they can't been everywhere.

I don't feel that people really understand the totality of the devastation and how massive it is. The Red Cross can't come in if they can't set up somewhere. Staging everything takes time.

CNN interviewed a woman from WI who was "trapped" at the Ritz Carlton. They were starting to run short of food and were rationing it and the plumbing was backing up. CNN asked if she had seen any National Guard or Fema at that point and she hadn't. Now, really, why would either be there? She had a roof over her head, a bed to sleep in, food and water although it needed to be rationed, and security. Why would FEMA need to be there when there is so much else to be done.

What doesn't get discussed is all the work that is taking place. We saw some of the photos early on about rescues but they are still going on in massive amounts but we only focus on the looting, the dead bodies, and the large amounts of people stranded at the Convention Center. There are lots of people stranded in lots of other places but they aren't acting like fools. CNN cut off one person who was interviewed after he had been brought from the football stadium in New Orleans to the Astrodome...he was talking bout how people were volunteering and helping each other out while they were waiting for evacuation...but that wasn't interesting.

I do believe we could have done a better job at getting started. Those agencies that aren't government have been able to get started quietly and are working from the outside in, since there is where they can get to. But I have to stop listening to CNN and also reading much of the QuiltArt listings because of the negativity.

So what am I doing? I am working furiously on ten quilts to get sent off this week to Houston. I have made my donation to the Salvation Army, my choice for charitable agencies. I have committed to Laura Cater-Woods auction. I will donate postcards to the Art2Mail sale. Am I pray a lot for all of those who are going through such difficult times.

May we all keep our heads, focus on what needs to be done right now, not expect government to always bail us out, and help each other the best we can.

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