Sunday, July 17, 2005

Funny spam and other ramblings

I just took a look at the spam in my bulk folder...would you buy anything from "Trickery C. Spitz"? This is way too funny!

Didn't get to Star Wars last night...when we got up to get our tickets there were only seats in the first two rows...just can't take that close up even though I need glasses...knew I would have a cricked neck by the time we were five minutes in to it.

So, instead, we went out and played peewee golf and had a blast...they even let me tie for first place...aren't they nice in my family?

Well, I have taken the bull by the horns...time to professionalize my website...via Gloria Hansen and GloderWorks...can hardly wait...of course the money has to come in...

I sent 5 postcards to Virginia Spiegle's cancer benefit and they sold out immediately. That was absolutely amazing. Just between you and me, she should have the other ten I sent her on Monday...we'll see what happens to, don't tell anyone.

Maybe I should sell them on my blog after Virginia is finished. I did commit to her for next year and to even put a small piece in her reverse auction! That's my do good for the day!

Off to church and then to work on this new piece...God first, and then the spirit moves me!!!


Debra said...

Happy birthday...

I just started a blog to sell some of the small items I have.. and some of my hand-painted or hand-dyed fabrics.

Don't have anything up there yet, and want to see if I can somehow accept payments through PayPal. (or do I need a website for that? we'll see...)

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Liz! Glad you had a fun day.