Tuesday, February 15, 2005

too much to do

So, here I am, trying to figure out how to upload pictures and feeling somewhat overwhelmed...first I had to take a few digital photos of some of my new work and then I found out that my battery is dead in my camera so got to power that back up. So while I'm waiting to finish all that I can start with the blog part...

Last week I dyed about 200 yards of fabric...the good part of that is that I have a whole lot of new fabrics....silks, silk organza, raw silk, charmuse, and various cottons. The down side is that now it all needs to be ironed..started working on it and couldn't stand it so started making art...which means that I have to clear out a space to work on.

I made a 2 x 4 ironing board for my regular ironing board so I just cleared off the fabric to iron and started fusing, and fusing some more and then some more! So, out came three new pieces, two of which are just using my new fabric and one is just because. I'm having a blast using cheese cloth again...haven't used it since "Behind the Veil" but now I am using it very differently. Fun to experiment and pull the stuff apart. Layers and layers are developing and I'm coming up with more and more ideas.

Right now my studio is a really overwhelming mess...way out of control! Too many half yards of silk that are fused but haven't figured out how to store them...too many laundry baskets filled with dyed fabric to iron, too many piles of neatly ironed fat quarters for the show, too many balls of yard to cut up to sell at the show, too much, too much!!! Want in the worst way to just do my work but have to clean up...oh, woe is me...where's my assistant? Maybe she will come today!!!

well, back to fiddlin' with the camera.


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