Friday, February 11, 2005



Last night I showed off three new pieces that I had just finished. Today was the day to do a lot of the work of making labels (after I decided what to call them) and to get my "When Memories Fade" quilt off to the Small Wonders show.

Got the word that my Balancing Act 2 was accepted into an art show in Washington.

Opening tonight in New Jersey...would love to see that show. Oh well, just have to wait and see what happens.

Went through piles of show entry forms, found the ones I was too late for and chucked them, and reread all the ones I am keeping. Trying to keep on top of the entry dates...most are art shows with a few big quilt shows coming up.

My studio is such a mess that I can hardly stand it!!! Recently dyed fabric is everywhere! In front of the dryer, under my ironing board, next to my sewing chair, silks fused to wonder under piled high on the drafting table so that I can't use the table.

The only space around is a little space around the sewing machine for when I can't stand it anymore and escape to sewing. New pieces are coming out left and right. My mind just won't stop. However, today was too much detail and cleanup work for me...where's my assistant today?


Gerrie said...

Welcome. I finally found you! You had blobspot instead of blogspot in the e-mail you sent me. Have you figured out the photo thing? Let me know and I can help you. I use flickr because I have a Mac. Also if you want to join the art quilters web ring, I'll contact my friend Diane who is the owner and have her send you the directions for joining.

Diane Perin said...

Ooh, I'll be your assistant! I figure cleaning up somone ELSE's mess will be a pleasant change. (grin)