Sunday, February 27, 2005

Coming down after a high

Well, Saturday I spent all day working on the quilting of six new pieces that I had completed this past week (except for the two panels). Worked really hard all day, had to take breaks and get the laundry done (I preach to my machine quilting classes that this is good because it forces you to use your upper body differently...Besides I was out of underwear) so ended up with the things done and some laundry also completed. Wow! I even got them uploaded with a minimum of hassle this time.

So, last night I started working on embellishing a sweat shirt while we watched Troy and I admired the frequently naked male body. Got lots of yarns on it and now am ready to start beading. That kept my hands busy.

This morning work up wondering what I was going to do now. I have found that I work in these crazy creative spurts where I get a lot of work done (up to 15 pieces at ArtQuiltTahoe...But not the quilting...Just the design and fusing) and then I am absolutely worn out for a couple of days. I have learned to be nice to myself when this happens because that is just the way I work. When this first happened I got worried but now I know it's me....The real me...Wow....That's scary!

But, today after church I did fuse 12 pieces of commercial fabric, ten of which came from out guild challenge...Since I bought fat quarters I only have to use five of the fabrics so I also added two black and whites to tone the really bright prints down a little...Like I can't handle rich color
!ha-ha...So now I am ready to start doing that piece but then I've been called upon to babysit the cutest little boy there ever was again since the babysitter's son is sick.. Oh well, guess I have to work on my sweatshirt and do beading...

BIG PROBLEM!!!! I now only have one yard of wonder under in my house!!! That is very limiting. However, I do have about thirds yards of various silks already fused so I guess I can survive for a little while. However, getting ready for the San Francisco guild show this weekend is cramping my sewing time because I have to get embellishment yarns packaged as I will be vending there. Trying to decide if I am really going to put my silks up for sale...Probably...I can always do some more.

My photographer picked up about 16 quilts today to take to photograph. Hope to get them back Wed. So they can go to the lab for dupes and then off for some show entries. Got to get one show entry off tomorrow. I am doing pretty good with the art shows...In fact have to ship one to Washington for an International juried art show...haven't heard anything about my piece in New Jersey right hope it sells...forget quilt shows to sell your to galleries and art shows where people go to see and buy!!

So, I guess it really is okay to come down for a little the show coming up and then next week we have to head back to Missoula, MT to pick up our motorhome after it's repairs. Then home briefly and then to Phoenix for a couple of weeks...I'll be glad to wander around Sedona taking pictures and plan to go back to Jerome and where ever else I want to while Doug is busy shooting!!

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Gerrie said...

Really cool stuff! I ned to get my life back and do some art!! You inspire me.