Monday, January 11, 2010

Understanding One's Own Process

Creativity is a fascinating subject. I personally feel that we are all creative human beings and that we each find out our outlet for our creativity. It is important to understand several things about creativity in order for us to be comfortable in our own skin.

I know that my creativeness ebbs and flows. Although I may not always have a spark going and busy doing something that appears creative, my mind is always looking, seeing, visualizing, and pondering. At my best, I take notes and then can refer to many things much later.

I like to jot down ideas in my handy sketchbook which is part journal (strictly about art) and part sketchbook, but frequently a place where ideas are just noted. It is also a place where I put pasted articles from Robert Genn and other creative people who write regularly. I like to copy those out on the computer and stick them in. Sometimes I go back and re-read them and something they have said really connects with me again or in a different way.

I know that I must be comfortable with my creativity. For a long time I just felt different and strange when looking at other people. I acknowledge that I see things differently and that is just fine...but it has taken me 62 years to reach this point!

I know I am moved by colors and color interactions will make me swoon with pleasure.

I am fascinated with the intersections of lines. I love organic lines and writhe through a piece, changing width, colors, lengths and creating their own shapes.

I am not formal in my design, I love things that dance around.

I have come to understand the symbolism for many of the shapes that I use repeatively.

Circles are about life that goes around and around.

Vertical lines are fences, for setting boundaries, for keeping things/people close, for keeping things/people at a distance.

The moon and the sun are frequently represented in my circles.

But enough now...the studio is calling and I was awake for an hour last night just letting my throughts come and go and free associate.  And then this morning the ideas continued so by, see you later!

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Charis Webb said...

Liz, I am wondering if you would be willing to share your technique for mounting your pieces on stretched canvas. I did go to Jeanne Williamson site but it is down. I have been stretching my smaller pieces on stretcher bars and then framing them, but your idea sounds like it might facilitate easily changing the pieces out. thanks so much. I am a huge fan of your work. Charis