Monday, January 25, 2010

More small pieces

Well, this past week I haven't been able to spend any time in the studio as my daughter's babysitter got stuck up at Lake Tahoe in a very major snow storm and couldn't get back until Thursday night...which meant babysitting duty for my dh and myself! There went the studio! And then the weekend was spent in the beautiful wine country for a deanery verstry meeting. Beautiful! Since we have had so much rain, the grass was getting high and was very green.

But, today it was to the studio!  All day! Even though it got a little cold! I worked at painting various sizes of canvas and get ready to do the collage elements and I am having so much fun doing this! This piece below has gone through several incantations and right now it is perfect for the background for another collage.

And then another one....these are really mini paintings without a focal point.

and another one....I actually have several of these ready to go tomorrow morning.

Well, then it was time to add the collage elements and do the stitching. I enjoyed writing something and then doing some mark making so that what I wrote wasn't legible. The two pieces of fabric are both painted.

Again, these are mounted on stratched canvas so they sit out almost an inch from the wall. The above piece is 6 x 6"

This piece is more subtle with some reds peaking out from the blue and white. It is 5 x 7"

And another 5 x 7" piece with painted fabric. I like cutting the fabric so the circle is incomplete and then finishing it off with stitching.

Again, I have realized that if I don't get my regular dose of art making I really start getting cranky.  Not a pleasant person to be around.

I took a break this afternoon and ran over to Dick Blick and came back with 8 x 8, 10 x 10, 12 x 12 and 18 x 18' stretched canvases.  So, I will be getting bigger. I was looking at the 30 x 30" canvas and will soon be up to that size!  Then I had best find an outlet for these things! Fiber work mounted on stretched canvas takes up much more room. I have been putting a polymer varnish which provides UV protection over the entire piece and like the some sheen that shows when it is dried.


Gerrie said...

Nice!! Were you at Bishop's Ranch?

lizzieb said...

yes, I was...southern Alameda County deanery had our vestry retreat there...Bishop Marc came over and asked some very interesting questions....

Elizabeth said...

Liz!! THese are wonderful and I love the way that you have moun ted them.
Best spend a few more full days in studio to amke up for such a long stretch away!! COLD TURKEY is a very bad thing!!!!!

jane dávila said...

These are gorgeous, Liz! I love the fine black lines on them especially.


Robin said...

So much fun. They looked great before you even added anything.

Judy said...

Beautiful pieces! I treasure the one that I have of yours.
Nothing prettier than a very green Northern CA in a rainy winter!