Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roots continued

I am having a fascinating time with the idea of roots. Our roots, the families and background we come from, our birthing roots, our historical roots, our familiar roots, our cultural roots, the roots of trees and plants, the roots we set down, the root of it all, all these things have been dwelling in my mind as I work on more roots pieces.

Yesterday I work on this piece which is a cross section of something...not sure what but is related in some way to roots.

I finished it this morning and worked on this second roots piece. I am finding the quilting time so meditative and quieting. I listen to my music of the day, allow my mind to wander on thoughts of roots and my own personal roots and George and I just hum along.

Then, this is the second of the commissions but is not finished in this image. I will have professional images at some point.

I also finished another journal today. There is such a feeling of completion when I make these books. I fondle the paper, I take joy in the stitching of the signatures, and I love creating the canvas covers. Perhaps I will have an image of the new one tomorrow.


Cate Rose said...

The first piece reminds me of a cell. I love that imagery. So much power in such a small package!

Linda Cline said...

I love your new root series. It's very textural. The top one looks a bit like lotus root slices.