Wednesday, July 22, 2009

almost as promised

This is one of the commissions for the county. Doing public art over a nine month period of time is a very interested project. The process to get hired takes a lot of time. And the, I had to submit drawings of the three pieces I was going to do.

I tend to work very spontaneously, with the image of what I want to do in my head. Once I commit it to paper, it feels done. So doing something that I have drawn five months before isn't as much fun.

But the county was happy so I am happy and I delivered as promised.

Another picture from Lake Siskiyou...the little blues. What a beautiful color...they were at the lake getting little tastes of water. Fascinating to watch.

this is the stitched and then painted tree which is becoming a part of my roots series...very interesting subject to contemplate.

and then, this is a detail of it.

After stitching, then painting, then painting some more, and then some more, I took a pen with black ink and started doing some more stuff to the bushes and grasses and then created leaves for the tree. don't know if it is done yet

and finally, one of the sunsets at Lake Siskiyou


Gerrie said...

You are evolving as an artist and moving on so I can understand your feeling. However, it is a very nice and happy piece.

Vicki W said...

I love your commission piece but your new roots series is going to be awesome!

Judy Alexander said...

Love your tree. I have just done a series of 3 small trees. One of my favorite subjects.