Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well, I sold five of the twelve postcards. That's not too bad and makes for a nice donation to FFAC.

I realized that the remaining post cards are very different from most of my work. I seem to have been doing things that are more and more simple in design, more minimalist. Some people like it, some don't.

I have used four of my Color Blocks in a new ad in American Style for the March or April issue...I forget which. It will be interesting to see if there is any feedback or response from that ad.

I have the commission to do three pieces for the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center which I will start in January. It will be fun to revisit some of my older styles of working to create these new pieces.

As far as sewing right now, I have completed two pairs of chaps, cowboy vests, and black/purple satin capes and am ready to make the last two fireman's jackets and boots...these for my grandson and his best friend who are very much in to pretend play. I hope to be able to give them to them both late tomorrow...that is, if I get them finished.

My son was due in from Ohio yesterday but he got to Dayton airport and found out Minneapolis was shut down so back home he went with his new flight information. He left Dayton this noon and got to Cincinnati where he learned that his flight to San Francisco will be delayed by a couple of hours. Hopefully it will get out then! I haven't seen my baby in a 30 year old baby....


Gerrie said...

I didn't remember that you have a son!! Hope he got in. No one is coming or going from Portland. Still snowing and in the 20s. My daughter is supposed to fly in Tuesday from SF - hope she makes it.

Love the color of you blog layout.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for a safe arrival and a wonderful Christmas for the Berg family. Keep those post cards them or not, they make people think.


Anonymous said...

Liz, I live about three hours from Ohio. If they are getting half the snow we are, they've really been dumped on. He got a lucky break I think. It started snowing again today about noon. It was just the light fluffy stuff. But since then it's gotten awful white out and the wind is picking up. Another 3-4" tonight to add to the 10-12 from Saturday. A white Chistmas for me and a happy warm reunion for you. Have a great holiday and enjoy your family visit.