Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What I have been doing!

Jacob, my oldest grandson, now four years old, has spent his first four years at his babysitter's home during the day while his parents are working. The babysitter has a son just 6 months older, Noah. The two have become best friends.

So, for Christmas I decided to make some make-believe clothes for the both of them. Since it is no fun being something with out someone else to be the same, I made two of everything.

Above you see Jacob on the left with Noah on the right in their black satin capes which are lined in purple. This is a multipurpose cape...batman, magician, what ever.

I went over to the babysitter's house yesterday to give the boys their presents...they were very excited and very happy. I got them dressed in each outfit and they dutifully posed for me.

Below are the cowboys...made vests and chaps and got a couple of bandannas...they have hats and Noah supplied the boots.

Then came the real test of a grammie's love...making firefighting coats out of oil cloth. The coats have set in sleeves, collars, and are all done on plastic that has absolutely no give to it. But the boys loved them. At this point I was too tired to make the pretend boots that go with it...that will come after Christmas!
So, they played around in their capes turned to purple and you can see how it helps Jacob fly through the room!

And, not to be left out, Noah's little brother, Reese, put on the firefighter coat! He is ready with his hat, too!

More great news...
Last Thursday I emailed my doctor and asked her to refer me to the sleep lab for apnea testing. I was in getting the information and a testing machine on Friday, slept with the machine that night and this Monday I took the machine in and they read the results...I have severe sleep apnea. Whoa...this is good news because I have been so tired and have been very irritable and my depression has really been acting up. I wanted to rule out sleep apnea before I talking to the shrink about meds changes. This afternoon I went in for my sleep class and got my trial machine which keeps track of all the information and I am to use it with the very funny headgear while I sleep each night. I got fitted for the nose mask and and now ready to hit the bed...shortly, and hopefully get the best night's sleep I have had in a long time! Wish me a good night's sleep! I'll report tomorrow!

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Gerrie said...

You are now the Best Grandma in the World for sure. The boys look so cute.

I am so glad that you have done the sleep apnea test and are being treated. Hope you slept like the proverbial baby last night.

Gerrie checking in from knee deep snow in the NW