Friday, February 22, 2008

White Washing the War

This is my Bush war quilt called White Washing the War. It is not quilted nor is it layered. It is painted canvas with laminated images, image transfers, silk screening, and rubber stamping. You need to get a close up look to see the faces more but they are all there in all their misbegotten glory.

On a happier note these are the remaining collages for Fiber Art for a Cause.

Well, got to get back to my class....they don't give me a break at all! I will be posting some images from the on line class tomorrow or the next day! It really is fun and I am learning a lot. Nothing like spending six hours in one day doing critiques on work of 15 people....I'm tired and my typing gets really bad! Oh well, they are very gracious!

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Lisa Crone said...

Hello! I just came across your site and wanted to comment that your work is great! I also wanted to ask if you regretted waiting until retirement to attempt to make your art your career. I am trying to figure that one out myself. Thanks!! - Lisa