Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm back again

I seem to be having such a hard time keeping up here. I must tell you, it is really because I like to post photos and if I am just not up to doing the photo part for some reason, then I just don't seem to post at all. I realize we are all visually driven!
So I am including a couple of shots of fabric that I have stamped with my rubber stamps that I have still be busy making.
It's fun to look at what other people carve. Some people carve images, I carve backgrounds.

This is the next layer on my war quilt. I carved the stamp and then stamped all over it. The count on this part is only 2000 so I still have a ways to go but they are going to be stamped as attachments. I have another layer or two to add to this.....
This past weekend I was teaching a the Monterey Peninsula Quilt Guild. They had had me a year ago and I had a power point presentation that just would not run through the projector...they were so nice about it. Fortunately, I had a lot of quilts with me. This time I didn't even bother with the projector, I just took tons of quilts. On Sunday I gave a workshop but I must tell you that they had to put up with me being sick while I did it. My sweet grandson, the elder, shred his cold with of the problems with getting older is that I just don't recover from colds quite as quickly as I used to. They were so nice, tho'.

I did a workshop on design for abstract quilts. It was a lot of fun but I realized that my online class is getting so much more. I'll show you some of the exercises we critiqued at the end of the class at another time...I am still coping with this stupid cold. I even lectured with a little bit of coughing but they were so understanding.

On Monday, since the lecture was in the evening, I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It has expanded a lot since I was last there and has so many exhibits just for children. I spent a lot of time sitting and watching the jellies...fascinating, undulating creatures. I only had my little camera so I could not quite get the images fast enough for the low light didn't help that these things don't sit still in the water. But what beauty!

This is really not upside down...they go down and then up and back and forth....

The blue background and the lighting were just a tremendous way to show off these creatures.
And check out this school of was fun to watch them...sometimes the front fish would just swim to the back and others would become the leaders....or they would all follow the front fish to the back and it was like someone was telling them to step to the back....and off they went.
What has really been taking up my time during the past three weeks has been my on line class. I am just so pleased with how it is going and the work that all the students are doing. Each student has their own folder and all the work they do is posted from the exercises they are given. I then spend a lot of time putting together a critique on all the work so that everyone can learn from each other also. So far we have just completed lesson 3 and I will post lesson 4 tonight. Then, I will start doing the critique of lesson 3. I do think the class is a good one!


Gerrie said...

Oh my goodness, those aquarium photos are making me so happy. They are gorgeous. I'm loving the class. I still have to finish this week's work. Tonight!

I am also blown away by the war quilt. Wow!

Deborah Boschert said...

I'm so sorry you've been feeling sick. No fun. So much good stuff in this post though -- even if you're body isn't 100%, you're mind is keeping very busy. Exciting.

Digitalgran said...

I love those jelly fish photos. Aren't they wonderful creatures?