Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rubber, Rubber, Where Do I Get my Rubber?

Really, it should be carving blocks because none of it is actually rubber....

Nasco is the site for softoleum which I got in 1/4 x 3 x 4" blocks. order #9719193 (A)
Softoleum 1/4 x 4 x 6" order #9719193 (B)
Mastercarve classroom Pack 1 1/2" square #9719940
and Safety-kut circle 2" #9725792

They also have carving tools and other sizes available.

The Mastercarve blocks that I got from Dick Blick. Once at their site, go to printing supplies or look up under their search for Mastercarve blocks.

Came back from three days on the road going to Road 2 California. Drove down Thursday which is a six hour drive but longer with potty stops and a lunch break. Went to one quilt store that had tons of Moda fabric and in fact they will be a Moda University. Moda fabric is just not my thing...

Had a great dinner out of steak to satisfy my beef craving and then hit the sack.

Spent the next day at the show and looked and shopped. The show is primarily traditional and contemporary quilts with few real art quilts....most of the art quilts were figurative or landscapes. But everything was really well done. Tons of vendors, but so many of them had all those Moda strip rolls...just not my thing. Very few hand dyes (only 4) but it was fun looking and I did manage to spend some money.

Met Jamie Fingal and bought her new book Embellished Mini-Quilts.. Also met Elin Noble and bought a bunch of her embroidery threads. Jamie's book is really nice and has lots of good ideas.

Drove home the next day and this time I was wiser and let my buddies drive part of the way. Got home, changed clothes and went off to a night of Robert Burns music and Scottish food. Boy did I sleep well last night. Today has been relaxing after church, reading the Sunday paper, watching Comedy Club without doing any hand work and just enjoying doing not much.


Karen said...

Hi Liz,
I was at the show on Saturday and bought some Elin Noble threads and a piece of rayon she had dyed, discharged, then dyed again. I have to try rayon now, it has such a good feel to it. I also met up with Jamie and Connie Rohman as they are our new SAQA reps here in So. Cal. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you now that I'm in CFA. Hopefully I'll see you in Feb. Take care, Karen Rips

Gerrie said...

I love Elin's thread and I need some more.Guess I will have to wait for PNQA in August.

Thanks for the places to get carving stuff.

Deb Lacativa said...

Liz - here's another artist's doings you should take a look into. Looks like you two are under the same spell!

Anonymous said...

Liz - I purchased this dvd recently and just finished watching it tonight. Wonderful instruction and so many tips and techniques. Enjoy!