Monday, December 03, 2007

Where Has the Time Gone? or, Why Haven't I Written Lately?

So much has been going on... for the past several weeks I have been trying to get my piece together for a show Larkin Van Horn is curating this spring. The title, "It's good to be green" can not include Kermit but may be anything else. I have gone through five different attempts to do this piece, which also happens to be 18" by 45" in the vertical. So, between a number of other things, like Thanksgiving, on Monday Nov 26 I daughter went in for a planned C section to deliver her new son. Of course, the night before I sure didn't get any sleep.

I had finally gotten my green piece together enough so that my plan was to get the facing stitched down while I was waiting.

We got to the hospital just shortly after she had gone in to the operating room. Three years ago, she gave birth to her son, Jacob, via an emergency c section so a planned one was much calmer and she was awake so she could see the baby immediately, etc.

David, my son in law, came out just 30 minutes after we got there to let us know the baby was in the nursery getting cleaned up...not much work done on my green piece then!

Of course, it was off to the nursery to goo over the new baby, Ashton.

this picture is actually within 30 minutes of his birth!

Of course, then in to the recovery room to spend time with our daughter and then the baby too. We hung out there for a while, got home later in the afternoon and then I picked up Jacob at the babysitter's and took him out to see his baby brother. Ashton is his baby...but he lets his mom feed him!
He is so cute with the baby and insists on holding him daily and giving him kisses. And of course, his dad has to help him change the diaper on the baby doll that I got him several months ago. The doll can wear the same clothes as Ashton.

Mom and baby came home this past Thursday. But what long days it was while there were at the hospital. I think I made two round trips per day which were 40 minutes each way. I spent the night at the hospital Tuesday night to help my daughter as staff did not return as quickly as she needed after she nursed the baby at night and she couldn't get him back to the nursery as she had had the picture me running around the hospital wearing my bathrobe in the middle of the night pushing an isolet to the nursery and then plopping back down on the plastic chair that stretched out so it looked like a bed but wasn't until the nurse brought Ashton back to us an hour (that's what it seemed like) later. I went home and collapsed and then took Jacob back out in the afternoon.

Then I spent the night at his house and then finally got word that they were coming home on Thursday afternoon. I am too old for this not sleeping thing. I was so happy when I finally got past the hot flashes and constant need to get up at night to go pee...

So now, I deliver meals, take Jacob out to ride the train, ride the kiddie roller coaster which is really herky jerky (I don't especially like roller coasters), and have him over to make cookies.

Jacob is a child who has not grown up with sweets...his parents are doing all the right things! He has only had cake on his birthdays! Well, just look at this face as he enjoys Grammy's sugar cookies! He ate four...completely surprised his mother but I know what magic those cookies have!
Now this is one happy little boy!

This is a small part of my green quilt....I wrote a whole lot about being green but most of it is covered up. I have been doing this a lot lately...writing on my quilts and then covering it up...the thoughts are there but are not necessary to appreciate the least that is the plan.Our church and another one have a youth art group together. They are looking at the 8 millennium goals of the UN and made six walls pieces on the goal of providing education for every child to the eighth grade. These plaques have casts of their arms and hands, raised as if in class with the answer. On the side of each on the back board is a prayer and then their names are on the bottom.

I met with each group as they decided what issue they wanted their board to focus on and then located images via the web which would express their thoughts. I then printed the images and did get transfers on the the back boards above the hands. The images come out a little rough which really is a good look with these pieces.

so, I have also been quilting my California Dreams 3 piece, working on my lessons for my on line class and now have a list of people to notify that they can sign up for the class. And all this is in between running a catering service to my daughter and playing special grammy to Jacob. Oh, and after I get my hair cut tomorrow, I finally get to go to my studio away from home!

I now have Pay Pal live on my website and will start registering for the class on Dec 4. But first I have to notify my list!


Gerrie said...

Now, I am exhausted, just reading about what you have been doing. Can't wait to see all the green pieces hanging together.

Your daughter and grandchildren are lucky to have you around, taking care of them.

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Ashton is too sweet, and Jacob is adorable! You are a lucky Grandma!
Also, can't wait to see the entirety of your green quilt ...

TALL GIRL said...

what a sweet baby! congratulations, liz.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Your daughter is so lucky to have a such a great mom right there where she can do the most good. God bless.

Anonymous said...

I do hope you're finally getting back to normal, but what excitement. Pass my love onto Tori.

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

congratulations to Grandma!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on Ashton! That green plastic chair sounds exactly like the one I spend the nights on while my daughter was in for her second C-Section delivery! Daddy went home with the older grandchild to sleep and I stayed to help - new moms really need family support! He would come back in for the days and I would go to work. I was so happy that her recovery was faster after the second. I couldn't have survived much longer than three days of baby care all night and working all day! LOL Hope you are catching up on your sleep now *and* the good to be green project.
Such a pleasure when you are close enough to enjoy so many of the important moments in life.