Sunday, November 18, 2007

On Line Class in the Works

Well, I am committed to doing this. I have set up the Yahoo group and am working on the Pay Pal stuff to collect the money, have a description ready and have outlines for the individual classes.

So, before long I will be announcing enrollment in my on line class on the Elements and Principles of Design. This is getting exciting.

The E&P of design have been the topics of conversation on the quiltart list for a couple of weeks now. I know Pamela Allen is setting up a class but I think our styles are different and how we approach the class will be different.

We are going to explore the elements of design, learn to understand how they work together to form the Principles of design and do lots of exercises so that the ideas become ingrained in our subconscious. Doesn't that sound fancy?

But most importantly, we will look at each other's work and learn from each other as we discuss what makes a good design and learn the gentle art of critique. Not criticism, critique. There is a big difference.

Oh, this is going to be fun!

Stay tuned!

Oh, yeah, I've been working on the ideas for my green piece...following directions I would give others...what a concept!


Anonymous said...

Cannot wait for your class!

Anonymous said...

I'll be there and of course, I will be the teacher's pet!!

Deborah Boschert said...

Wonderful, Liz! Very exciting. I am inspired by the way you're embracing new technologies and new ways to reach students and artists!

Sandra Wyman said...

Really looking forward to it