Saturday, November 17, 2007

In a Muddle

For a year I have known that I had a piece to do by December 1 of this year. All year I have been thinking and thinking about it, trying to decide how I wanted to approach the title of the show "Its Good to be Green". should I do things around conservation? green building? green cars? or the color green? or things that are green?

Well, I still don't know.

I spent a couple of days dyeing more green fabrics and then spent a day playing with some and doing some cutting and piecing...not fusing...piecing. You can tell that I don't enjoy lining things up the way I should so the line is continuous. This is just a small piece to play around with the idea but it is a no go.

So here is a pile of fabric that I have dyed and painted on my work table.
And another view in case you didn't see the first one well enough.Then I started painting on some of them and did this mono print.

And did a bunch of silk screening on fabric and then pulled out a piece of white and just had fun painting.
and here you can see part of the design wall when I left yesterday with lots of printed and painted fabrics.

and the rest of the wall.
so today I went in and worked all day and got something that was just horrible. I will not show you what it looked like but I was very unhappy. I will be able to use the fabric in smaller pieces and postcards for my Art2Mail exchange.

So then I pulled out some more white fabric, put it down on the floor and did and brush design, let it dry some, put it up on the table and then painted in the background.

Not sure that is going to work either.

I am in the middle of a lack of confidence and also I want to move in some different directions but I am not sure which way so things are really puzzling for me right now. I will work it through, I know, but I would like to have it all worked out right now!

A side note, Mr Gills, the person we were working on the house for in New Orleans, died. It is so sad as the house only had about a week's worth of work to go but his body could just not hang in there. Please keep Miss Jackie in your prayers.


Terry Grant said...

Well, I am in the quilting phase of my "good to be green" piece, but I feel your pain. This has been a hard assignment! Maybe the length of lead time was too much. I have felt a lot of pressure to produce something special and this piece is, in fact, the only piece of any size or consequence I have done this entire year.

I know you will do something wonderful. Your fabrics look great.

Anonymous said...

Challenges can turn into glorious things. Just hang in there. When you get the right shade of green the light bulb will come on. I'd like to dive right into all that wonderful green fabric. Green is very much a me color. Good luck ladies and happy quilting. Can't wait to see the final results.

Anonymous said...

I, like Terry, feel your pain. I felt constrained by the size and the theme. I don't really work well that way and I know you don't either. It is the intuitive design work that we love - without constraints. I am pretty happy with my piece, even so. The quilting is becoming a drag, but I will get it done.

I love that green fabric with the circles. I want it. I guess I will have to make my own!!

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

all that luscious green! it's wonderful and I am sure you will come up with something wonderful from it all too...

Joanna said...

Liz if you have any extras in your PC exchange, I'd love to do a swap with you.

PaMdora said...

All I can think of is Kermit singing It Ain't Easy Being Green. Maybe it would help to listen to his song, there's lots of great imagery in the lyrics.