Monday, October 01, 2007

Dyeing washouts and Collages

Well, I washed out my dyed fabric and it was all a bust. I am not sure just went could be several things from too cold to batch (we had winter overnight after I dyed the fabric), the dye could be old or who knows what else. Now I will redye and see what happens. My waxed fabrics came out with some residual dye but not what I had intended but the wax is out for now so I will have to do another layer of wax and then redye...But I have also been working on my collages...I really enjoy this process and am working toward doing the same thing in fabric although with various papers, gel and paint along with images I am able to get some great textures.

This piece is called "Yellow House" I love this one a lot!
And this is "Ruth"

And then "Sisters"
"The Screen Door" makes you work to find the hidden image
And "Thoughtful":
And you really going to have to work hard to find the image in "Lost":
And "Moth" with no hidden images to find!:
and little "Amy":
And finally "Claire":
I spend a lot of time looking for photographs which I then scan. I have a lot of family images that I am going to start digging out and scanning those. I have photos from the mid 1800's all the way to current with a lot of snapshots from the forties and fifties which I want to use in other ways.

This is also shipping week! Two pieces go off to PIQF, one piece to FAVA for their second round of jurying and one piece off to Quilts=Art=Quilts and I will have a piece in the juried show at Houston and also my journal piece in that exhibit. I am finally getting myself back into gear and entering the shows I need to do.

Next week I take off for five days in Virginia to take my dad back for a ship's reunion and to see his sister (my aunt) which will be nice. He is going on a tour which I have opted out of and I look forward to scrounging around taking pictures, etc.

Oh well, now I have to do my studying for EFM tonight. And get out a bunch of emails and respond to a couple of nice emails...never a dull moment...


Anonymous said...

These works are lush and interesting. Looking forward to seeing what happens when you use fabric.

His Office, My Studio said...


I know you are not happy with the way the newly dyed fabrics turned out but I really like them.

Love all the collages you did!

Anonymous said...

The screen door piece is really evocative, I think has the most personal messages of the collages. And I am not sure the fabric is a bad as you think it is!