Monday, October 22, 2007

Just the past week....

My Dad and I had a great Sunday afternoon at my cousin's house visiting with family. It meant so much to him to be there.

Sunday we didn't have to be at the airport until after 3:30 so after we checked out we went to the Norfolk Botanical Garden. This place is great....would be even greater in the spring when all of the azaleas are blooming...they have a huge number of them. But the gardens is set up in different areas with different emphasis...a wonderful children's garden and exploration are. We walked down to the Japanese garden and I took this picture at the pond.In another part of the garden there were zinnias blooming but I am sharing my favorite color!
Then on the tram ride around to the butterfly garden...they grow plants to provide for a wide range of butterflies and moths from caterpillar to butterfly stage. They were flying all around and presented quite a challenge to get pictures of because they don't sit around much.

In the tropical garden hothouse the following plants can provide a lot of inspiration.

On Friday, two days before, Dad and I went to the Naval Station where he used to be based when he was stationed in Norfolk. I took him down to the piers to take a look at the ships. He walked along, looking, while I sat in the car and kept up with him because I knew he couldn't make the walk back.

This picture brings tears to my eyes because I know it is probably the last time he will be out to look at U.S. Naval ships which were the love of his life...after my mother. He commented about how much bigger they are and was just amazed to see them. It was a powerful visit.

Dad and I got to the airport and sat around for a long time and then found out our plane would not be arriving until the time we were actually supposed to depart. Finally it got there and we all got on our little plane which held 50 people. Then we sat, and sat some more. The pilot was wonderful as he constantly gave us updates as to the cause of the delay. Houston, which was the next stop of our trip, had a huge weather system there and flight control was holding up everyone due to the weather. We waited on board for another 45 minutes with frequent updates and then finally they let us off the plane for a while. I went ahead and made arrangements for us to get a different flight out of Houston to Oakland but it would not leave until the next morning which meant we would spend the night at the Houston airport.

Well, we finally got off and got to Houston. I checked in to see if, by any chance, our original flight had been delayed that much but it hadn't and was long gone. However, there was an opening for two on another flight going in to San Francisco instead of Oakland fifteen minutes later so we hopped the tram and then the train and then the tram again to get to the gate on time. Finally got into San Francisco where my poor husband picked us up at 3 am. Of course our baggage didn't make it so it took half an hour to fill out the paperwork. Got my dad home and then finally into my own bed at 4am.

Well,that killed Tuesday...I just don't recover from that very easily any more...

Was very busy all week trying to keep up with commitments. Saturday I taught a wonderful workshop in San Rafael to a guild. It was an introduction to surface design and I didn't give them any time to think but had them just working and working. What fun!

Came home, threw some clothes into the washer, went to a party for a couple of hours and then home to finish washing and to pack. Got up at 5am on Sunday and headed to the airport on my way to New Orleans.

Met up with my group and got our rental car and headed to the guest house where we are staying in the garden district. Went out for a great dinner.

This morning got us all over to the Episcopal Disaster Response program where we were given a brief orientation and then went out to work on the house we were assigned to. I have so much to say about this but will do so tomorrow or the next day as I want some pictures to go with it. The house is being rebuilt and today we were painting the ceilings and finishing the priming and then doing the walls. It was raining and with 22 people inside this house, with lights on so we could see, and all the heat and humidity, I found myself sweating so much I just didn't have to pee...however, I was getting some heat exhaustion so they sent me out to sit in the car with the air conditioner going.

While I am sitting out there my good friend Robin misses a step off the ladder so we took her to the hospital. How many people does it take to get Robin to the hospital? to drive, the priest who navigates and the sister who frets....she ended up with some neck and lower back soft tissue injuries and was given meds to help her out and we finally got her home at 6 pm.

Meanwhile, while in the waiting room while she was in the exam room, we had a hard time passing the time so here is a picture of my rector whiling away his time...

Well, tomorrow is another day of touch up painting and then Wednesday we go to work gutting a house that had been rebuilt and then caught fire so it will be a real mess....Meanwhile we are eating very well...had an expensive, very good dinner Sunday night and tonight went to the VooDoo Bar-b-que which we will be going back...a great dinner for under $10...our kind of meal.


Anonymous said...

Good god, woman. How are you keeping up with this schedule? I have missed your normal creative routine. We are heading to San Francisco tomorrow, but it looks like you won't be there!!

Rayna said...

omg, Lizzie, I am exhausted just reading about all of this non-stop travel and craziness. I don't know how you do it!
love, R.