Monday, April 02, 2007

My Own Worst Enemy Part 2

So, since I put off something (like getting my taxes together to get to the preparer) I really don't feel like doing very much else. I just sit around and feel guilty. So why didn't I get the tax thing done a month or two ago and then I wouldn't have to go through all this. That is the quandary of procrastination...since it all needs to be done anyway, why don't I just do it?

Like getting new images in to SAQA and CFA. Like getting show entries in before the due date. Like getting the laundry done before it takes four loads to do it all. Like getting rid of magazines before they pile up (well, I know the answer to that! because I have to make a pile to recycle to my buddies, make a pile to take to the quilt guild for recirculation there, cut up others, and file away the few that I really want to keep). Every little thing seems to require five or six steps before I can do it. Like sorting slides...I have to come up with names for the new pieces, measure them, enter them in the data base, then I can label the slides and file them away...after I pick up a pile on the table so I have enough room to do it!

Now, my biggest problem is that I can't find my father's tax papers which I had...hadn't gotten them done because we could never find one of his 1099's so had to request another one...but of course put it off until a week ago. What is with me???

So, instead, I took a look at one of the Wisdom cards by Louise L. Hay. I love these little card things that say great things. Of course, my intentions are to take one out each day and really contemplate it for the entire day. I do that on day one and then forget the next day...what is it with me?

Anyway, back in focus, the card for today (it was on top of the pile, that's why it is for today) says " I am on an endless journey through eternity" Now, I know that...I preach all the time about how it is the journey for me and not the destination (although getting to the destination is good when you want to sit down and rest your feet!) So you flip over the card and it says "Today is a very exciting time in my life. I am on a wonderful adventure and will never go through this particular experience again." Boy, am I happy for that! But do I learn from today and do what is stacked up on my desk right away?

Nahhhh...I think I will wait until tomorrow....

But first I need to clear off the stuff off the bed that I put there to sort out so I could put them away. Now I want to go to sleep and they still aren't put away....


Anonymous said...

And here I thought I was the only procrastinator!!

PaMdora said...

You're not alone! We had to file an extension on March 15 when corporate taxes are due. I used the excuse of the office flood, but in truth I probably could have gotten it done, just didn't want to. Now I'm rushing to try to meet the April 15 deadline, but probably won't get it all in the to the accountant in time for him to do his stuff. And I could have had it all done with a little self-discipline, and be doing something fun right now -- yuck!