Friday, October 20, 2006

Postcards and first fiber art

Post card #16 $30

Post Card #39 SOLD

Post card #15 SOLD

Post Card #13 $30

Post card #14 $30

These five postcards are all that remain from a series of postcards that I made for my exchange group at Art2Mail. They are available for sale.

I had my grandson for the day a week and a half ago. We ended up in my studio and he sat down at my ironing board. I put down a piece of white cotton and then reached into my bag of prefused scraps from various pieces I have done. I cut up some of the bigger ones. My grandson is 21 months old and he has now completed his first piece of fiber art. He would pick the pieces of fabric he wanted, stuff them into his little hand, pull one out and flatten it carefully on the cotton and then tell me "hot" and would put his hands under his bottom so they were safe. I would then hit the piece with the iron to fuse it down, and then another, and another until he decided he was finished. What fun!

Jacob's first piece of fiber art! Age 21 months.


Gerrie said...

Oh, I see those fences emerging! Is that a genetic trait? It is really wonderful!

Anonymous said...

utterly wonderful...what a treasure

Diane Perin said...

He has clearly inherited the family talent! I love the image of him sitting on his hands, too. I hope you got a picture of that!

Rayna said...

What fun, Liz! Already an artist.
Finally back from travels and catching up, long overdue. I feel out of it. Love your work below, too. Time for a few e-mails, huh?

Anonymous said...

Oh, it´s wonderful!
That will I do with my grandson, hi is soon 2½ year, it´s will be fun!

cfent said...

wow! the apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it? this is simply wonderful!. what fun.

kate said...

I like your site! I have granchildren - good idea! LOVE your postcards!

LoieJ said...

Love your post cards. I see you are using red as an accent these days instead of the main color.