Saturday, July 22, 2006

more of what I have been doing

I was really trying to get these three pictures in the previous post but blogger wouldn't let me so I started all over again. This is ordinary time at church and is the green season. At our church, we call it the green growing season. Last year I have made a set of green things for church but I got tired of them so last week I pulled out various silk fabrics and hit the dye pots. These are all fused. The way the silks are turned makes the light reflect differently.

On the left, if that is the way it comes on, is part of the stole. I have used foiling to make the crosses which were silk screened on using foiling glue through the silkscreen.
The next piece is the hanging for the Holy Table which we are using for our altar during this hot time as we are meeting in a smaller, lighter room. And then the third is the front of the veil which goes over the chalice. In addition to just finishing these pieces, last week I sewed up some sheers for the meeting room at church that were two panels of 90" x 16'...sure don't want to do that again but it does cool the room off a little in addition to cutting the glare in the morning.

My rant came about because I was busy sewing and listening to I just listen to music!


Gerrie said...

Really beautiful, Liz! I would sit and stare at those greens and get filled with the spirit!!

Anonymous said...

Your colors are beautiful and the greens are so earthy and soothing. Your spirit stirs me when I see pieces like this. The church is so fortunate to have a person who is so inspired by life and the Lord to produce such pieces. Bravo Liz.

lizzieb said...

Hi Michele...would love to respond directly to you sometimes but you come in as anonymous so can't email you directly! Appreciate your comments on this and previous posts!