Monday, April 24, 2006

So much happening

Life has been so much fun! I'm not sure it can get any better!

The Alameda County Arts Commission has made the decision to purchase four of my works. On Good Friday, I went to the opening reception of the textile show at the Olive Hyde Gallery in Fremont, CA and met one of the commissioners from the Art commission. She said all sorts of positive things about my work. The curator of the show at the Gallery had recognized me and told me that the commissioner had wanted to talk to me. Boy, am I doing the schmoozing now!

The next week got the notification that they are purchasing the art. Trying to borrow Summer Fun from them for Quilter's Newsletter won't work. QNM said they would take slides of my work for publication...not sure if, when or where.

California Fiber Artists have been really busy getting shows together. One suddenly came up at a winery in the foothill country so had to get a piece off for them. There there are two more coming up very quickly, one in Half Moon Bay, and the other in Petaluma.

Then, of course, we had Holy Week. I was only able to get to a couple of the services but finished up with our Easter Vigil on Saturday night. The story of creation is told during that service and my six creation banners are taken off the wall and used to illustrate the story.

And then, I have just been working away...and away, and away. Can hardly find my studio and I had done some clean up before hand so I could do some work. I have the big quilt finished fusing but have decided that I want to add another 10 inches to it so it goes in the large art quilt category at shows where there is less competition (oh, did I let that secret out?) Have been working on post cards, some for my Art2Mail group and some for Virginia's Fiber Arts for a Cause. Virginia has also posted the pieces with prices for the reverse auction, also a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

I have spent all day (except for a trip out to the gym) in my studio...doing art? No way...doing email stuff, paying art bills, getting things promised off to people, and doing an interview with Karen Musgrave for the SOS (Save our Stories) with the Quilt Alliance. It is really an interesting project.

But I thought I would share some of my photos of my studio with piles of semi-finished things. Did get a lot of small pieces on to stretched black cotton on stretcher bars, now need to do the screw eyes and wiring. Have one piece that I am putting on to an off white heavy weave linen and need to stretch it and do the screw eyes, etc. And then there is a pile of pieces that have been finished except for sleaves and labels (nothing has labels right now!) And then there is the pile on the ironing board.


Karoda said...

Can you get your arms opened wide enough to hold all the blessings coming at ya? :) This post makes me smile and laugh with joy for ya! keep on keeping on!

Gerrie said...

I'm with Karoda. You are doing great, kid. You're an overnight success- LOL! I love seeing all your hard work bearing such marvelous fruits.