Thursday, January 05, 2006


One of my pieces was accepted in the Form, Not Function: Quilt Art at the Carnegie. Yeah!
However, the piece is due to them tomorrow and I can not find it.


Not in the pile of quilts where it should be.

Not under the pile of stuff on my drafting table.

Not under piles of fabric.

Not under anything.

It isn't even on top of anything.

I even had a friend come over and go through everything and she couldn't find it.

I haven't sold it.

It isn't out at another show.

I can not find it.

I have been doing serious cleaning in my studio as I have had to go through absolutely everything looking for it. It still isn't clean but I have gone through everything. I still have piles of fabric, etc but they are I just need somewhere to put them...time to cull the stash again.

It's not in my quilt storage room, AKA the guest room, AKA the paper arts room. It isn't in an boxes for shipping.

I know I looked at it when I got the acceptance letter back in October.

Where oh where, has my little quilt gone?

To make matters worse, it is only 22 x 16"...I know, if I had made it bigger I could have found it.

I don't want to call the Carnegie tomorrow and tell them I can't find it.



Debra said...

Prayer to St. Anthony for you... As I recall, you ask him 3 times and you find it!!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Look the first place it SHOULD HAVE BEEN...I can't tell you the number of times I am blinded by the possibility that it could be where it was supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

Liz; I am so feeling for you because it could happen to me!!

Deb R said...

Oh geeeze, Liz, that sucks!! Sending manyMANY good thoughts your way that it suddenly appears before morning.

Val said...

Be still and ask your angel to point you in the right direction. I'm always amazed at how often this works for me. Also project back to the last time you had it and go throught the same motions again. Often this unblocks the mind! Good thoughts for success!

gabrielle said...

Oh geeze Liz...every artist nightmare. My solution is always to start over again...looing through my fabric stash just in case in happened to stick it on a shelf and then off to the protfolio and finally the suitcases in case I never unpacked it. Keeping fingers crossed, it just appears.

Dale Anne Potter said...

Oh Liz - I hope somehow a miracle will come to be and "There it will be sitting amongst some others!"

Only other thought - did you happen to already mail it when you received the acceptance letter back in October. Sometimes, we get so busy doing things that things get I write alot of notes to myself!

Frances said...

oh Liz, I hope you found it in time because I am only just reading this on Sat. I twice recently found things I was looking for in the first pile I HAD previously looked in and thought they were in,

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh Liz..I'm reading on Sat. too and hope you found it! I did almost the same thing, and finally found the quilt in a footlocker, where I had put it when taking hand-dyed yardage with me to a shop to sell. I'd never unpacked the footlocker! Sheesh.....

Good luck, Sarah

Diane Perin said...

So, did you find it?! Inquiring minds want to know! And where was it?!