Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006--Here We Are

I look at other's blogs and I feel jealous...everyone seems to working away. I'm stuggling to find my studio again. Things have gotten so out of hand that I just can't work and I don't like that. So today I actually found my desktop where my computer sits...did website updating etc the other day having to lean over piles of papers. Had to go downstairs to sort the boxes of slides that I had picked up just before Christmas so that I can find them when I need to enter shows. I've also shredded tons of paper...mostly old bills etc that I don't need to hold on to but it freed up room in the file cabinet to put other financial papers that were sitting on top of my drafting table (which got there from my desk so I could work at my computer) and now they are in the file cabinent.

Next, find the drafting table. I've put away a bunch of fabric that I had piled around, got paints etc put away from their various totes, having gone to several retreats, etc.

I've gotten the article done, sold a couple of pieces, have to ship those off on Tuesday, and hopefully by Tuesday, I will be ready to rock and roll. I have several large pieces in my head. I have started working on one of the Christo fence pieces which I am doing by hand, and as I work, I come up with more ideas.

I received my disperse dyes which have been waiting for me to finish up that big batch of work I just did. Boy, am I glad those are done...just can't leave things uncompleted...can't have too many things on the burner at once although I usually have a couple of things.

Well, it is the beginning of the new year. We finally got notice that the property next door is actually going to be developed as hearings have been set for the area advisory board to okay the plans, and then the final hearing at the planning department. That means the land swap will take place and we can actually start the planning for our new gargage next to the house... The only reason I care about the garage, which will house the motorhome, is that I get half of the upstairs for my dream studio. I thought when we built this house that my studio would be big enough but it sure isn't. At the time, I wasn't painting and dyeing fabrics and doing all this surface design, which of course, needs more space. My new studio, if it gets okayed by the planning department, will have an outside door so I can participate in open studios, and will have a dry area and a wet area. It will be about 15 " x 45" or maybe longer...depends upon how big my husband goes with his garage part. Oh, I'm starting to drool! I figure at least 30 linear feet of table space for dyeing and painting. And none of that near my sewing stuff. Storage for fabrics, storage for quilts (not on the guest bed), storage for all my paints...I just drool thinking about it.

Wishing you are a Happy New Year!


Jen said...

What a wonderful studio that will be, food for daydreams for the next few months until it is built. I think you have to spend some time working before you know what you need and want in your ideal working space (that's where I am now.)
Cleaning up is always good therapy. Happy New Year!Jen

Rayna said...

I am GREEN, Liz. Some day I will have to take a picture (or sketch) that feeble little space where I do my surface design. Oh, lucky you! Happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Ohh! This is what I want when we move. It is all I care about in the new house!!

Karoda said...

Happy New Year to you too Liz! and you are cashing in on your hard earned quilt karma with the forthcoming studio! yay you!